Case Studies

We showcase real-world examples of how RumbleTalk has helped businesses to solve their challenges and achieve their goals. Each case study provides detailed information on the client's background, the problem they were facing, the approach our company took to address the issue, and the results that were achieved.

  • Case Study image 1

    CES Tech 2023 returns with hundreds of live chat rooms

    RumbleTalk continues to push the boundaries of online communication as we seamlessly accommodate hundreds of thousands of live chatters simultaneously at the CES Tech 2023.

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    SIGGRAPH 2023

    SIGGRAPH 2023 already had virtual access through live streaming and recorded content, but they wanted more ways for their audience to interact. RumbleTalk had the honor to offer 150 rooms where they used it next to their live stream to engage 10,000+ participants.

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    Online chat for events at the Psychotherapy Summit

    This is how RumbleTalk brought the same face-to-face event experience online at the Holistic Psychotherapy Summit, more than 10,000 health professionals took advantage of the chat rooms.

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    GaS Digital fills up 2000 seats per podcast show

    GaS Digital's founders recognized the need for community interaction during their podcast shows, expanding from interactive activities to show-specific group chat rooms.

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    Over 100 thousand installations on Wix

    What if you could improve your customer service through an integrated group chat platform? We've put in the work for Wix's customer base and they love it!

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    Agora Financial live event with Q&A Sessions

    RumbleTalk's Moderated Chat paved way for a seamless Q&A session during the event, providing an interactive platform for the hosts and guests.

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    SolarWinds hosted the THWACKcamp Event

    Mentions, automatic syncing from different devices, multiple chat rooms, and Q&A sessions are just some of the features Solar Winds used during this event.

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    Online learning made possible for the Israeli Education Ministry

    The problem? Moving the Israeli Ministry of Education's classes online. The solution? Using RumbleTalk as online classrooms.

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    Hybrid Weddings by Elev8 Event Group

    Experience the best of both worlds with hybrid weddings, allowing live chat interactions to celebrate online with your loved ones.

  • Case Study image 9

    The Ministry of Education build an online academy

    We purposefully designed our live chats to help teachers and students communicate more effectively in the digital age - with ease of use and accessibility in mind.

  • Case Study image 10

    4500 live chatters for Veeam

    Veeam is a leading provider of cloud backup and disaster recovery. This is how RumbleTalk chat withstood the workload using a dedicated server during the event.

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    Solar Winds event with 7000 users in 20 chat rooms

    A large-scale online event featuring 20 live chat rooms, each with its own live stream, and an audience of over 7,000 chat users from across the globe.

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    Go Live broadcasted a live hip vein surgery

    A live chat next to a live surgery? Sure! Around 100 medical doctors were invited to view a live surgery while being able to ask questions through the group chat.

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    DittyTV's customized chat room

    From pre-made chat designs to css advanced features, here's how Ditty TV integrated RumbleTalk into their live stream like it was part of the website.

  • Case Study image 14

    Rocking a live concert at

    RumbleTalk-powered's concert live chat was a hit, as thousands of fans worldwide discussed the show in real-time.

  • Case Study image 15 Yearly Convention

    For the second time, chose to use RumbleTalk to talk with hundreds of chatters in their ACS CAN's 2014 State of the Union Address online watch convention.

  • Case Study image 16

    On-Air Personality at WHVR Digital Broadcasting

    Paranormal-based talk programming by Todd Bates uses RumbleTalk chat rooms to share stories with his audience in WHVR Digital Broadcasting.

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    University of Melbourne connects with their students

    RumbleTalk uses P2P technology to enable professors and students around the world to chat with each other in real-time.

  • Case Study image 18

    80% less phone calls at the University of East Tennessee State

    When the chat room was embedded in the university website, it became an online community space for students, faculty, and staff which reduced phone call traffic by almost 80%.