Case Study: Ministry of Education Uses RumbleTalk Chat to Build an Online Academy


The Israeli Ministry of Education is responsible for the curriculum and upkeep of public education across the country of Israel in both Arabic and Hebrew. It serves approximately 1.4 million students per year with a budget allocation of approximately 11.5 billion U.S. dollars.

Recently, it launched a revolutionary new program called the “Online Academy.” RumbleTalk is proud that its chat rooms service now powers it.

Online Academy Remote Learning

With RumbleTalk chat rooms, teachers can now hold classes for students remotely. There have been talks on extra-curricular topics and activities such as music and clean energy, and events surrounding public holidays. All-in-all, it means students can tune in from home to brush up on their knowledge and skills in so many unique new areas.

In the past field trips were restricted by budget. Now, students have many more opportunities to see and explore things from a distance too. And of course, many fun and entertaining events are also offered for children nationwide.

Best of all, the rooms are completely interactive. Students can ask a question at any time. The moderator or lecturer will see this and can choose whether or not to respond in real-time. Or if they prefer, they can wait for the right moment.

Online Academy in IL Education Ministry

For Teachers

Beyond the myriad of benefits for students, the Online Academy also serves to help teachers further their own skills. For example, we’ve seen talks on important subjects such as how to use new technologies and innovations in the classroom.

In the past, teachers would gather outside school hours to attend such events at a physical location. Now they can do so right from the comfort of their own homes! This means that the Ministry offers more training sessions given by highly-respected educators and luminaries than ever before.

Strong “Spam”/Intruder/Trolling Filter

Finally, another important safety feature to mention is the spam filter. Being that these chat rooms are for students and teachers, it’s very important that only those who should be there, are there. As such, we have set them up with the very best spam filters, ensuring that trolls cannot get in. Moreover, in the event someone misbehaves, they can be ejected and blocked from returning simply with the click of a button.

Educating for the Future

We have been amazed by the Online Academy’s successful implementation of RumbleTalk chat rooms in this most important cause so far. We love the way they use the Rumbletalk API and CSS design¬†option. We look forward to seeing many more great events and programs unveiled by the Ministry in the future!