Case Study: Empowering Large-Scale Engagement: RumbleTalk’s event chat at SIGGRAPH 2023


SIGGRAPH 2023 incorporated virtual access for interested attendees all around the world. However, they wanted to add more engagement from their participants. This is where RumbleTalk event chat came in.

The Client: SIGGRAPH

SIGGRAPH 2023 is the 50th annual conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques worldwide. The event was held in Los Angeles from August 6-10, 2023. The conference featured technical papers, presentations, workshops, tutorials, and an exhibition of the latest hardware, software, and creative services in computer graphics.

The theme of SIGGRAPH 2023 is “The Age of SIGGRAPH”. This theme reflects the conference’s 50 years of history and its commitment to innovation in computer graphics and interactive techniques. SIGGRAPH 2023 will explore the past, present, and future of computer graphics, and it will challenge attendees to imagine and invent the bold and bright future of the field.

Here are some of the highlights of SIGGRAPH 2023:

  • Technical Papers: The Technical Papers program is the premier international venue for disseminating and discussing new scholarly work in computer graphics and interactive techniques.
  • Presentations: The Presentations program features a variety of talks on topics related to computer graphics, including research, applications, and education.
  • Workshops: The Workshops program offers in-depth discussions on specific topics in computer graphics.
  • Tutorials: The Tutorials program provides hands-on training on a variety of computer graphics topics.
  • Exhibition: The Exhibition showcases the latest hardware, software, and creative services in computer graphics.
  • Virtual Access: SIGGRAPH 2023 offers Virtual Access and Virtual Access Supporter registrations for those unable to attend in person. Virtual Access registrants will have access to a selection of livestreamed and recorded content.

The Challenge: Virtual communication for participants

SIGGRAPH 2023 also offered Virtual Access and Virtual Access Supporter registrations for those unable to attend in person. Virtual Access registrants had access to a selection of live streamed and recorded content.

Even if they had virtual access through live streaming, they wanted participants to have another outlet for communication. Therefore, they were looking to find an event chat room that could accompany their live stream.

The Solution: How SIGGRAPH 2023 engaged its audience with a live stream and event chat

This is where RumbleTalk came in. In addition to the presenters talking with the audience through a live stream, they also had 150 chat rooms where they could speak with other participants.

RumbleTalk was designed to fit the theme of the event website. Then, participants can come and go if they want to chat with other attendees.

The chat rooms were not monitored by the presenter and were not used for Q&As. However, its main purpose was to let the participants interact with other like-minded individuals. Since they could not directly speak with the presenter or moderator, this made it easy to communicate with participants who wanted to talk about the topics being discussed.

The Results: Around thousands of participants attended the event and stayed to chat

SIGGRAPH 2023 event chat

RumbleTalk Chat played a vital role in the success of SIGGRAPH 2023. It enabled attendees to participate in dynamic and fruitful discussions, mirroring the interactions found at in-person conferences. The platform seamlessly facilitated connections with thousands of participants, transcending geographical boundaries.

Moreover, the organizers of the summit saw the effect of 150 chat rooms, guaranteeing that the conversations maintained a respectful and professional tone, aligning with the event’s high standards.

Experience the convenience of virtual attendance from the comfort of your own home

RumbleTalk Chat emerged as a valuable asset during SIGGRAPH 2023, ensuring a seamless and captivating online event for all participants. Its intuitive interface and real-time communication capabilities enabled attendees to connect and partake in enriching discussions, replicating the engagement of an in-person conference.

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