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Have a Members only Group Chat with RumbleTalk

Member's Chat

Built for members only. Only your members can view or participate in the chat conversation. Best used in closed private group discussions.

  • * Only your members will be able to log in
  • * Integrated with your userbase
  • * Pre-integrated with WordPress plugin
Moderated your Group Chat with RumbleTalk

Moderated Chat

Built for online events, Q&A, or webinars. The chat admins will need to approve every group message. Only approved messages will be visible to all.

  • * Q&A mode makes it easy to control what messages will be visible
  • * Only approved messages will be seen by everyone in the chat room
  • * Only admins can screen messages
Engage your audience with Social Group Chat of RumbleTalk

Social Chat

Built for communities and open discussions. Engage your online audience with a real-time social chat. Add an open chat room and connect with your audience. Social features can be turned on/off as needed.

  • * Send text, video & audio messages
  • * Send files such as PDF, Word, and Excel
  • * Share images and talk to anyone on the chat
Engage your customers with RumbleTalk's Expert Chat

Expert's Chat

Built for a private one-on-one conversation with an advisor. Only admins can start a chat and talk with users simultaneously. Great for consultants and job fairs, interviews, gurus and advisors.

  • * Only the advisor (admin) can initiate a conversation with other users
  • * Users won't see other users nor start conversations
  • * Chat face to face with a live video call
Have your online comunnity connect with one another thru RumbleTalk Private Chat

Private Chat

Built for socializing in private conversations. Use private chats for private one-on-one chats. Chatters will be able to privately chat with everyone.

  • * One-on-one conversations with everyone in the chat room
  • * Only private chats, no group chat discussion
  • * Hold private audio and video calls, send private messages, and more
RumbleTalk Paid Chat

Paid Chat

Built for monetizing your chat (paid access PayWall). Perfect for charging your audience. Charge a fee for entering your chat or send a payment request.

  • * Set a paid access fee for your chat
  • * Direct payments between admin and a user
  • * Set a donation option
  • * Get paid for a limited time
  • * Get paid for a membership (subscription)
  • The RumbleTalk online group chat platform is the fastest and easiest way to add a full-blown stylish chat room to your site. And our customers? They simply love RumbleTalk!! We have more than 150,000 customer-created chat rooms using RumbleTalk.

    Avishai Abrahami CEO of Wix says about RumbleTalk
    Avishai Abrahami Co-founder & CEO Wix
  • After the event, we received so many emails from attendees giving us rave reviews about the quality of our videos and the smoothness with which our group chat functioned. It was a great improvement to past solutions.

    Rachel Morrill of SolarWinds says about RumbleTalk
    Rachel Morrill Web & Platform Lead, Product Manager SolarWinds
  • Feedback from the team was incredibly positive! Any fears they had - main worries were about lag time, feature failure or inability to juggle Q&A - were quickly squashed once the event started. There was zero lag and the moderators were easily able to manage the Q&A after a quick training session that afternoon of the event.

    Sherry Errera of Agora Financial says about RumbleTalk
    Sherry Errera Senior Manager, Digital Experiences & Optimization Agora Financial
  • Send Text, Audio & Video Messages with your RumbleTalk Group Chat

    Send, Text, Audio &
    Video Messages

  • Approve Messages Before Going Public for your Live online events with RumbleTalk Modertated Group Chat

    Approve Messages Before
    Going Public

  • Monetize from your Group Chat with PayWall and Donation features with RumbleTalk

    Monetize from your Chat with
    PayWall and Donation

  • Have a Private one-on-one conversation with Video and Audio Calls in RumbleTalk Group chat

    Private Conversation with Video
    and Audio Calls

  • Mute your users and Allow only Admins to Talk in your Group Chat

    Mute Users and Allow Only
    Admins to Talk

  • Wordpress RumbleTalk Plugin helps to integrate your Group Chat to your WordPress website

    Wordpress Plugin

  • RESTful API & Login SDK will take your RumbleTalk group chat to another level

    RESTful API &
    Login SDK

  • You can customize your group chat look and feel with Advance CSS Designs

    Customizable Chat Design

  • Create Your Own Chat Mini Site with your RumbleTalk Group Chat

    Create Your Own Chat
    Mini Site