Case Study: Online learning made possible for the Israeli Education Ministry


The Client: The Israeli Education Ministry

The IL Education Ministry is responsible for the education of around 2 million students across the country. As part of its effort to improve the education experience for students and teachers, the ministry wanted to incorporate a live chat room into its online class sessions. 

To facilitate online learning, the ministry turned to RumbleTalk chat as their official live chat room. This helped teachers connect with their students in real-time. This case study explores the impact of RumbleTalk on the ministry’s online classes.

The Problem: Moving the classes online

The pandemic forced the Israeli Education Ministry to move its classes online, which created several challenges. One of the biggest challenges was how to create an interactive online learning environment that would allow teachers to connect with their students in real-time.

The ministry needed a solution that would enable teachers to deliver their lessons and engage with students as if they were in a physical classroom.

Additionally, the chat room had to be integrated with the ministry’s existing online class platform, and it had to be accessible to teachers and students across the country.

The Solution: Using RumbleTalk Group Chat as online classrooms with polls, file sharing, and more

After exploring different options, the Israeli Education Ministry chose RumbleTalk chat as its solution for online classes because of the following reasons:

  1. Versatility of the platform – RumbleTalk can be embedded anywhere and the size and design can be customized too
  2. Right to left – the platform support hebrew and arabic with a right to left text
  3. Admin moderation capabilities – The chat room has a designated administrator that can screen messages, slow down the chat, mute the users – making the chat room a safe space for the teachers and students
  4. Engagement tools – The teachers use polls to make the classes more interactive, they can also share multimedia files which is helpful in sending materials to the class
  5. Large number of chatters and volume of messages – The capacity of the chat is very unique since it can handle large volume of instant messages and thousands of live chatters at the same time without any problem
  6. Accessibility – The chat is easy to use and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection
online learning

The implementation process was straightforward. The ministry’s IT team worked with RumbleTalk’s support team to set up the chat room and customize its features.

They also integrated the chat room with the ministry’s online class platform, ensuring that teachers and students could access the chat room from their class sessions. This made the online learning experience easier.

The Results: 75% increase in engagement and participation

Since implementing RumbleTalk chat as the official live chat room for its online class sessions, the ministry has seen a significant increase of 75% in engagement and participation among students and teachers, compared to when they were not using any chat platform.

The chat room has become a valuable online learning tool for facilitating discussions, sharing resources, and providing support during class sessions.

The ministry has also received positive feedback from users, who appreciate the platform’s user-friendly interface and advanced moderation tools.

Online classrooms made easy with RumbleTalk Chat

By using RumbleTalk chat as its official live chat room for online class sessions, the Israeli Education Ministry has been able to improve the education experience for students and teachers across the country. 

The platform’s security, customization options, and ease of use have made it a valuable tool for facilitating communication and collaboration during class sessions. Overall, the ministry is pleased with the results and plans to continue using RumbleTalk chat for future online events and discussions.

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