The Future of Recruiting: A Look into Virtual Job Fairs


Virtual job fairs use software like live streaming and conferencing platforms. Job seekers who are comfortable with face-to-face meetings will have no problem with this.

However, there are a number of job seekers who are not confident in virtual meetings and may opt out. Therefore, they will seek out virtual job fairs that only make use of group chat platforms.

Because of the group chat’s nature, they feel comfortable and will be able to show more of their strengths. For instance, in a group chat, an interview can go as follows: introduction, sending of one’s resume, answering some of the HR’s questions, and then just waiting for the company’s contact.

If you’re an entrepreneur, how can you utilize a group chat platform if you intend to host a virtual job fair?

First, what is a virtual job fair?

Online job fairs, or virtual job fairs, are scheduled events dedicated to jobseekers that take place in a virtual setting. Commonly used platforms are live streaming platforms, webcasts, group chat platforms, and email. These are used to exchange information before, during, and after the event. As such, interviewers also use this kind of platform.

When logging into the virtual job fair, job candidates are allowed to enter various rooms, which accommodates diverse employers participating in the fair. As soon as the job candidate enters the room, a company representative can start the conversation.

In some instances, there may be others who entered the room first and are having a conversation with the representative. Group chat platforms like RumbleTalk allow simultaneous private chats, so companies don’t have to kick out other candidates. In the chat room, candidates may ask about the company, the job position, and more.

Set it up in 3 easy steps

Setting up a job fair is relevantly easy. The things that you need are as follows: a dedicated website/page, a live streaming platform or conferencing platform, and a group chat platform.

To make your virtual fair successful, these need to work hand-in-hand. In this blog, our focus will be solely on using a group chat platform.

Let’s say that you already have a website and live streaming platform. All you need is to follow these steps to set up the group chat.

  1. Sign up at RumbleTalk.
  2. Create a chat room for each exhibitor. This depends on how many companies and employers will be present. You can change the name of each chat room to the company name or brand name.
  3. Now, go to the admin panel. Click Embed. When it generates the code, copy and paste this on your website.
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Now, you’re all set with the chat rooms. That’s only the first step. Here are some other tips that might be helpful.

The start of a conversation

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The host of a chat room will be the employer. Job candidates and company representatives (which will be someone from HR) conduct their interviews here. There is no limit on how many chat rooms a job candidate can enter. Once a job candidate enters the chat room, a company representative must be ready to initiate a conversation.

If you need more privacy, candidates have the option to show which username they would like. Another feature that you can use is the Private Chat. This allows multiple one-on-one conversations to happen in the chat, disregarding the group chat altogether.

Chatting privately with a company representative

As an acting admin of the chat room, a company representative can invite a candidate to a Private Chat. Once it has been initiated, all conversations can continue there. Representatives can call candidates for an interview or if they want to know more about the candidate’s past job experience. Another advantage of the Private Chat is that candidates can send in their resumes without worrying that other candidates will see them.

The Expert’s Chat is commonly used on virtual fairs. The expert’s chat was made for professionals who want to connect with their customers privately. Only the admins will be able to see all logged-in users. Because of this, only admins can initiate a conversation with another member. For this instance, the company representative will have to message the candidate.

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If you want to know more about the Expert’s Chat, you can visit this page.

Follow-up after your virtual job fairs

As the job fair ends, representatives can then identify their top candidates and contact those who are suitable for the position. Representatives may give out their contact details. However, the company usually reaches out to the candidate through their given contact details, e.g., phone number or email, which can be found on their submitted resumes.

Questions? Inquiries? We’re here to help!

Since virtual job fairs are large, you might find yourself needing more chat rooms. When that happens, you can always upgrade. Go to your admin panel and select Upgrade your plan or Get more to add admins, rooms, keywords, etc.

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