CASE STUDY: Conversations that lead to conversions: How RumbleTalk helped exceed the event sales target

It’s no secret that e-commerce websites have been taking a page out of social media’s book by adding community features to increase conversions. So, this is exactly what we did for an online event in the first quarter of 2021.

We acknowledge that one of the most impactful ways to increase sales conversions on your website is to add a live chat room. It’s something that allows customers to communicate directly with your company, or each other, in real-time, via their browser or mobile device. This can have a major impact on conversions. Since more than half of online customers (58%) abandon their carts without any further action.

With RumbleTalk, eliminate friction and help your customers close the deal with confidence. Do this by providing a chat room where they can instantly gather more information about your product or service, through real clients.

Read through the blog to see how we provided a website with staggering results as they used Rumbletalk chat alongside their virtual event.

The Problem: Low sales conversions on an e-commerce website

60% of their visitors were only browsing, not talking, not buying. Customers and potential customers don’t feel like they can freely exchange opinions on topics they are interested in. Why? Because they didn’t have a platform to do so. Website visitors had no idea where to go if they needed to engage in a chat with a brand or with fellow customers. As a result, there have been high bounce rates, low conversions, and no relationship built between the brand and the client.

The Solution: A live chat platform for your website’s live event

After weeks of research and demos here and there. The company signed up with RumbleTalk, a group chat platform that allows you and your clients to be able to stay in touch with each other beyond just social media.

RumbleTalk is a smartly designed, modern, and stylish plugin that integrates a fully functional chat room to any website, engaging thousands of live chatters. It works as a one-stop solution for all your audience engagement needs.

In this case, the company integrated Rumbletalk chat into their website during a live event. With that, all visitors gained access to a community group chat where they can discuss anything with their fellow customers.

The virtual event made sure to open the chat to the public and hold Q&A portions for a more engaging session.

Features and Functions of Rumbletalk Group Chat

Rumbletalk chat comes with an array of well-crafted audience engagement tools you can use along the way.

In the event program, from a Social Chat, the company switched to a Moderated Chat. Here, they assigned an administrator to manage the chat room. During the program, the admin held Q&A sessions to answer inquiries from clients. Perfect to convince those leads to purchase right then and there.

Here are other tools to help you moderate the chat as the administrator:

The Results: 4% increase in sales conversions. With a 6% overall lift in revenue.


Over a 3-month period with RumbleTalk, the business recorded a 4% increase in conversion from people visiting the website. That’s over 1,500 more products sold than before having a Rumbletalk chat accompany their live event.

In terms of sales, we saw an overall 6% lift in revenue in website sales. More so, after 3 consecutive events (once a month), there was a 27% increase in conversion rate!

Furthermore, conversations don’t just generate sales, but also build loyal, returning clients. This is something we are very much proud of. Aside from the numbers and targets, it is also about building a thriving community in a safe, virtual space.

Improve revenue and customer loyalty in one single solution

In conclusion, to be successful, you must gain an insight into your customers’ minds. To do so, you need real conversations in real-time. And, RumbleTalk made it easy for businesses to do so by simply allowing people to communicate with each other on your website, or during live events. Furthermore, conversing with others about your product and having received positive responses from other users influences their buying behavior.

It doesn’t matter if you sell gadgets or consultation services. The way you position your products and services is only going to work if people want it. So, make sure you provide them with an opportunity for real conversations. A virtual space where they can get answers to their questions. And avoid leaving them in search of those answers elsewhere on Google. After all, cleverly designed landing pages are as important as having valuable conversations.

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3 Tips To Go About Moderating your Online Event

Constantly bombarded with messages and queries, conversations in an online event are getting harder to keep up with. Organizing a Q&A chat session with your online event participants could be the answer.

Because there may be hundreds or thousands of people attending such events, some may miss out on the opportunity to submit their questions. All they can do is watch the event intently in the hopes of gaining something from it.

By allowing everyone a chance to have their question chosen, this difficulty can be overcome. Admins can choose from the participants’ questions, not only what the speaker sees flashing on the live chat, as long as you use a regulated chat for Q&As.

We will discuss the following themes in this article:

  • Changing the mode of the monitored chat to Q&A
  • Scenarios for Q&A chats

Let’s get started with the fundamentals.

1. Configuring the Moderated Chat to function as a Q&A forum

The Moderated Chat is one of the chat types on the RumbleTalk chat platform. Admins can use this feature to pre-approve messages before they are sent to the audience. So, admins are moderators in charge of the event chat.

  1. Go to General & Logins > Chat type to begin using the Moderated Chat.
  2. Now that you’ve decided on it as your chat type, you’ll need to appoint administrators. On your admin panel, go to the Users tab and click Add a new user
  3. Appoint global administrators or administrators with only room access. The number of chat rooms will determine how many admins you need.
user roles

Now that you’ve completed that step, you can begin using the Moderated Chat.

When the speaker asks questions to the audience, the chat acts as a Q&A mode, with admins deciding which ones will be answered.

Only questions that have been approved will appear in the chat room. Additionally, only administrators have the ability to approve or delete messages.

This way, everyone has a chance to have their question chosen rather than just the last one the speaker sees on the screen.

2. Q&A mode: various scenarios

You can use the Q&A mode in a variety of scenarios. Here are some of the more common ones.

Online gatherings

online event

This is the most common scenario. Because online events are usually accompanied by live streams, it’s best to have a chat alongside them.

During the online event, the speakers will be able to ask the audience questions. The admins are then present to monitor and approve questions. If you want to learn more, check out this blog post about how to control the discussion with a Q&A chat.


rumbletalk chat

Do you know what a webcast is? If you answered yes, you understand how important it is for your audience to have a voice.

By providing them with what they want, they’re interested in chatting more about your topic, product, or whatever area you’re covering on your webcast.

Find more about it here: Interactive webcasting chat for live webcasts and events

Company meetings

Because of what is going on in the world, the majority of employees are working from home. This necessitates remote team meetings. When you introduce the Q&A mode to your team, you can hold sessions in which employees can submit questions for an executive/HR representative to answer. This is merely one example.

You can read this guide on managing remote teams in a virtual environment.

3. Q&A sessions in an online event supervised by admins

It’s easy to get lost in a large online event, especially in conversations. Q&As aren’t always straightforward to manage, but with the appropriate technology, they can be. If you know how to utilize the platform and have your admins with you, Q&As may be simple and enjoyable.

Virtually holding events is no longer as terrifying. Even complete strangers can host one. All you have to do now is prepare for the other items you’ll need for your Q&A session now that you’re confident with your chat platform.

If you want to learn more about RumbleTalk’s platform, contact us.

Master the art of hybrid events with these best practices

Hybrid events are all the rage these days, and it’s no wonder why! With the right planning and execution, they can be truly incredible experiences. Something that will fully immerse your audience in your business, while also increasing brand awareness and delivering impressive ROI. Rumbletalk is crafted to help you master the art of hybrid events. Here are some best practices to follow when planning your next one-of-a-kind event.

Planning hybrid events with RumbleTalk

Organizations should think outside the box when it comes to event planning. This is true especially as budgets continue to shrink and audiences demand more interactive experiences. So, how can marketers master these new trends? Whether your next event will be held in-person or on a live webinar, you’ll want to make sure you are maximizing all opportunities to connect with participants. So, we created a list of things you should keep in mind while planning your next hybrid events.

Keep it casual

Transitioning from face-to-face interaction into remote communication is hard enough for most of us. Making small talk could be good for building connections and developing trust. So, chatting with your audience members before or after an event can help you connect in a more meaningful way. 

Keep the audience engaged with multimedia sharing tools

live chat

Aside from having a speaker at your event, consider incorporating videos and documents before and during your program. With RumbleTalk’s file-sharing tools, you can keep your audience informed by sending multimedia files. For example, sending them tutorial videos, product photos, or a live video of you trying on the product. Furthermore, to get audience members even more involved, ask them to submit questions for you to answer live. 

Select a moderator ahead of time

hybrid events

Look for a moderator who will not only deliver your material but also keep everyone involved and moving forward. The moderator will serve as the admin of your group chat. In the Moderated Chat, he or she has the power to block unwanted users, approve or reject messages before it goes live, mute everyone, and more.

Use polls and Q&A to ask for feedback and suggestions for improvement

chat polls

People who come to your event will have different opinions on what they liked and disliked. But it’s important to find a balance between listening too much to their opinions and staying focused on your own agenda. Always listen for critical feedback that can help you improve. But don’t let outsiders keep you from executing based on their ideas alone. You know what’s best for your business, so trust your instincts above all else.

Make sure both on-site attendees and remote attendees can “enter” the event early to engage in pre-event socializing

So, you’re hosting hybrid events and you have remote attendees. One way to get remote participants more involved in on-site activities is to give them early access to your meeting agenda (maybe even 24 hours in advance). If they can’t be there for kickoff, at least let them know what will happen so they don’t miss out entirely.

In addition, you can send them digital invites with a QR code that leads to your virtual event. This makes it easier and more accessible to your participants.

hybrid events

Make your virtual and hybrid events more inclusive

When planning an event, start by thinking about who you’re trying to reach. It can be difficult to get people involved if they don’t see themselves reflected in your content or are skeptical that they have something to gain from it. If a key part of your audience is a member of underrepresented groups, make sure their voice is heard at your event.

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