Host more inclusive and remote-friendly events with these RumbleTalk live chat tactics

Don’t throw in the towel just yet when it comes to online event live chat. There are plenty of tactics you can use to make them as inclusive and remote-friendly as possible! So, don’t worry even when your team members or clients are distributed across different countries. With RumbleTalk, having remote meetings and events that make participants feel included and ensure valuable ideas get discussed are now easier than ever.

Aside from supporting multiple languages, we’ve rounded up four great ways to host more inclusive and remote-friendly meetings with a live chat. Check out our list of tricks below to learn how to streamline meetings and make sure all your attendees are feeling heard throughout the process.

Multiple breakout rooms or event booths

If you’re hosting a particularly large online event, consider adding a few virtual booths where clients can meet fellow participants, and vendors. Everyone can mention a user in the live chat, start a one-on-one conversation, and send an audio or video message. This keeps everyone involved at all times, no matter their location or device.

live chat

Breakout rooms are great, but they can be too noisy when they’re packed. Adding a moderator can save you the headache. In a Moderated Chat, you can create an open live chat room where you can hold a question and answer portion. This way, your booth vendors would be able to answer inquiries and questions related to the product or services they offer.

Furthermore, the moderator will be able to keep the chat organized by filtering the chat before it goes public. The moderator can also mute participants, ban spam users, and export attendee lists.

Multimedia sharing and YouTube playback

Let’s make your online events more accessible. We made sure that participants can share multimedia content—like documents, photos, videos, and audio files—on the fly. Conveniently share anything just by clicking on the paperclip button at the bottom left side of your group chat. With this, you can make more effective presentations that lead to conversions.

Aside from that, anyone can also share a YouTube video directly into the chat. For instance, your vendors would like to show a video of a product demo. Just copy and paste the link to the chat, and your viewers will be able to play it instantly. No need to transfer to another window. This saves a whole lot of time for those who want to check out other vendors, too.

Customized live chat room design

There’s still a way to provide your audience with an experience that is similar to attending a physical event. Not only does this tactic help them feel more at home, but it also increases their overall engagement. After all, nothing is worse than being at an online seminar that feels exactly like attending a standard webinar.

Add visual value to your clients’ experience by personalizing the design of your chat rooms. From the background, fonts, sounds, and shape, you can curate the overall design of your live chat any way you want.

For beginners, you can choose from our pre-made themes. For a more personalized look, you can maximize the CSS capabilities to change the overall appeal of your chat. If you need a guide on how to design your chat rooms, click here.

Inclusive virtual environment with powerful live chat tools

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The key to fostering an inclusive environment is finding the right tools that appeal to every type of event. So, RumbleTalk has prepared all the essentials to help make your next online event more inclusive, comfortable, and productive.

In addition to providing a rich online interface for collaboration during events, there are multiple tools you can utilize to make sure everyone has access.

The best part? Most of our features are completely free! Send us a message at and we’ll walk you through it!

Best practices for moderating a RumbleTalk chat room

In this post, we will be discussing some of the best practices for moderating a RumbleTalk chat room. First, let’s cover what constitutes good moderation in general. Then, we’ll get into specific things to consider when it comes to moderating a particular channel or group.

Announce your presence when you join the chat room.

RumbleTalk chat room

When you join the chat, be polite and friendly. It’s important to be welcoming to new members who might have questions or suggestions for the room. Be patient with people who might not know their way around by explaining how things work in the chat room, or if they need help finding something specific on the platform or website itself.

If someone asks a question that doesn’t seem like it would be helpful for everyone else in the conversation (for example: “What does this button do?”), try saying something like “I don’t know myself.” This way, you aren’t wasting time trying to explain something complex when someone could just ask another question instead!

Be patient with new users.

It’s good practice to be patient with newcomers. If you’ve never posted in a chat room before, it can feel like walking into an unfamiliar room and asking questions. The best way to ease into your contribution is by starting small. Ask about the rules of the room before diving in with questions that require more than one sentence of explanation. If someone asks for help or clarification on something, don’t be afraid to offer assistance without making it sound like you’re giving them orders!

It’s okay if you have trouble moderating a chat room; just ask for help!

Ask other moderators for assistance if:

  • You need help with moderator duties (e.g., reporting rule violations).
  • You want to learn how to moderate more effectively. The more experienced moderators, the more they’re willing and able to assist newcomers like yourself on this front. So, don’t be afraid to ask!

Ask in-house support staff if:

  • Your internet connection is down or broken; it would be great if someone could check up on that. If there’s another issue such as technical difficulties affecting access within our service area (if you’re hosting an event), please let us know immediately so we can address it ASAP!

Create a clear list of the rules in your chats’ FAQ.

When you’re a moderator in the RumbleTalk chat room, you can pin a message. For this instance, pinning the chat rules on top of the chat room is crucial. This way, people who join the room will know what they’re getting into, and they can easily follow the rules.

You should also make sure that the rules are easy to understand and follow. If there are any confusing parts of them, try rewriting them so that everyone knows exactly what needs to happen when certain things happen in a situation like this one (e.g., “If someone starts an argument about whether or not animals have rights then everyone must stop talking until someone moderates”). Another great way of doing this is by making sure all users have access information about how many people are currently online at any given time. So, if fewer than five people are logged into RumbleTalk at once then those remaining users might need some extra guidance!

Create a community moderation team.

A community moderation team is a group of moderators who are working together to moderate chat rooms. The members of your community moderation team should be experts in their area and have experience moderating other communities. If you want to make sure that your chat room stays clean, then it’s crucial that you have someone on hand who knows what they’re doing!

The first step in setting up a good community moderation team is finding people who are willing to join it. You can post job listings on sites like Craigslist or LinkedIn (if there isn’t one already). Or, try contacting organizations like schools, churches and clubs with large user bases. Another option would be hiring employees from your company or another company where they’ve done similar work before. But remember, only hire people who have proven themselves trustworthy over time!

Accept feedback from moderators and audience members.

RumbleTalk chat room

You’re a leader. When you see an issue, it’s your responsibility to fix it. You don’t have time for people who complain about you or your moderators.

You might think that receiving feedback from the community is just another part of the job—but in reality, it’s a sign of respect and leadership. Even if the problem isn’t yours and there wasn’t anyone else who could have fixed it, accepting feedback shows maturity because now you care enough about what others think that they can tell you how they feel without feeling like they’re being too harsh (or too “nice”). It also demonstrates responsibility. If something needs changing but no one else wants anything done differently because everyone loves everything already, then maybe there’s something wrong with this place?

Moderation is an important and very fun part of running a successful chat room!

Moderators are responsible for making sure that all users have a great experience in RumbleTalk chat rooms. This can be an extremely fun part of running your own chat room—and it’s also something that you can improve over time!

Moderating a chat room is a great way to interact with your audience and add value to their lives. But it’s not just about having fun! Moderation is also an important part of running any community. Therefore, it’s important that we take steps to make sure our rooms run smoothly. Remember that the more you do these things, the better the experience will be for everyone involved.

Want to moderate a chat room for a large event or community? Schedule a free demo with us by sending a message at

Improving Trust: The Benefits of Anonymous Feedback

We all know that we need to be better listeners. However, it’s not always easy to listen when someone has a problem or concern about something they experienced. In fact, sometimes you might want to be defensive or embarrassed by what someone has said about you! If we could just hear each other out before responding–and anonymously–then we’d be able to learn from each other’s experiences without any negative feelings getting in the way of good relationships. Here’s where anonymous feedback comes into play.

Anonymous feedback is one of the best ways to improve trust and build relationships

anonymous feedback
  • It’s important that you receive feedback from your employees, customers, or partners. When people feel heard and understood, they’re more likely to cooperate with you in the future—and vice versa!
  • Feedback can come in many forms: face-to-face conversation (via phone calls or video chats), written notes on paper documents (like performance reviews), text messages sent through apps like Slack; even audio recordings made using voice-recognition software are all valid options for receiving feedback from others.
  • Anonymous feedback has its drawbacks though. Sometimes it feels like no one cares what you have to say because they’re too busy. This kind of situation isn’t ideal. However, there are ways around this problem. And it’s by making sure everyone involved knows exactly what needs addressing before giving any sort of feedback.

Customers and employees can leave feedback, as well as others in your network

It’s important to note that the person providing feedback may or may not have known you before the situation arose. They are likely to hold an opinion about what happened based on their own perception of events rather than their first-hand experience with you. This can be beneficial for both parties involved.

In one case study conducted by researchers at Harvard Business School, participants who received anonymous feedback from a former colleague gave higher ratings for performance than those who received personal feedback from the same person (Stern & Linsky 2008). This indicates that, when employees feel comfortable sharing their opinions about colleagues’ work with others outside of work settings such as via email chains or other communication channels (where people interact directly), they are more likely to provide honest assessments without fear of repercussion or retaliation from superiors.

When we receive feedback, we are able to reflect on and learn from it

We can assess our progress in areas that need improvement. Furthermore, it helps identify strengths and weaknesses and help make adjustments to help us become a better person. This process is beneficial for everyone involved—not just the person receiving feedback but also those who provide it!

Feedback is a good thing because it helps people grow as individuals. It encourages self-reflection and growth by giving them an opportunity to assess their own actions or behaviors from an outside perspective. Receiving regular positive feedback can serve as an important motivator for those who want to improve themselves or their work performance at any given moment in time.

Anonymous feedback allows us to focus more on our relationships with each other rather than their concerns about us

If someone has a problem with you and wants to tell you about it, they may be hesitant because they don’t want their name attached to the issue. Or, they might feel embarrassed by what they say. With anonymous feedback tools like RumbleTalk Polls, they’re able to share their concerns without being identified as the one who made them uncomfortable or who had a negative experience. They can express themselves freely without worrying that their thoughts or feelings will be taken out of context or misunderstood by others in the company.

Using RumbleTalk Polls to get feedback

To ensure anonymity, chat room admins can create polls where users can vote without revealing their identity. This feature enables anonymous responses, making it impossible for members and administrators to know who voted for which option.

To create a poll in the chat room, go to the chat settings and select Create new poll. Simply fill in the question and four possible answers, and then click Send to share it with the group. Once everyone has voted, click Publish to display the results for all to see.

online polls

This increased transparency helps improve trust between colleagues because employees know how much value there is in sharing information openly with each other without fear of retribution from management teams (or coworkers).

People appreciate being heard even if they don’t have to be named

anonymous feedback

One of the easiest ways to improve trust is by encouraging people to be heard. Even if you don’t have to name names, it’s important to know that they’re not being judged or ignored.

Another benefit is that it allows individuals who might not feel comfortable sharing their true feelings in person. For example, new hires are given an opportunity for honest self-expression without fear of reprisal. This can lead them towards greater personal growth and development over time, which will ultimately improve your organization’s culture overall!

As you can see, anonymous feedback can be a powerful tool for improving trust. It allows people to offer their opinions without worrying about being judged or taken down by someone in their network. This makes it easier to speak up and share experiences with others who might have similar goals. In turn, we learn from each other’s perspectives. It may not always be easy at first glance. But once you start seeing how much value anonymity brings into our lives, then it will become easier because we feel more comfortable sharing our thoughts with others around us!

Explore the benefits of providing a safe and confidential space for employees to share their opinions. Send us a message at to schedule a free demo.