3 Tips To Go About Moderating your Online Event

Constantly bombarded with messages and queries, conversations in an online event are getting harder to keep up with. Organizing a Q&A chat session with your online event participants could be the answer.

Because there may be hundreds or thousands of people attending such events, some may miss out on the opportunity to submit their questions. All they can do is watch the event intently in the hopes of gaining something from it.

By allowing everyone a chance to have their question chosen, this difficulty can be overcome. Admins can choose from the participants’ questions, not only what the speaker sees flashing on the live chat, as long as you use a regulated chat for Q&As.

We will discuss the following themes in this article:

  • Changing the mode of the monitored chat to Q&A
  • Scenarios for Q&A chats

Let’s get started with the fundamentals.

1. Configuring the Moderated Chat to function as a Q&A forum

The Moderated Chat is one of the chat types on the RumbleTalk chat platform. Admins can use this feature to pre-approve messages before they are sent to the audience. So, admins are moderators in charge of the event chat.

  1. Go to General & Logins > Chat type to begin using the Moderated Chat.
  2. Now that you’ve decided on it as your chat type, you’ll need to appoint administrators. On your admin panel, go to the Users tab and click Add a new user
  3. Appoint global administrators or administrators with only room access. The number of chat rooms will determine how many admins you need.
user roles

Now that you’ve completed that step, you can begin using the Moderated Chat.

When the speaker asks questions to the audience, the chat acts as a Q&A mode, with admins deciding which ones will be answered.

Only questions that have been approved will appear in the chat room. Additionally, only administrators have the ability to approve or delete messages.

This way, everyone has a chance to have their question chosen rather than just the last one the speaker sees on the screen.

2. Q&A mode: various scenarios

You can use the Q&A mode in a variety of scenarios. Here are some of the more common ones.

Online gatherings

online event

This is the most common scenario. Because online events are usually accompanied by live streams, it’s best to have a chat alongside them.

During the online event, the speakers will be able to ask the audience questions. The admins are then present to monitor and approve questions. If you want to learn more, check out this blog post about how to control the discussion with a Q&A chat.


rumbletalk chat

Do you know what a webcast is? If you answered yes, you understand how important it is for your audience to have a voice.

By providing them with what they want, they’re interested in chatting more about your topic, product, or whatever area you’re covering on your webcast.

Find more about it here: Interactive webcasting chat for live webcasts and events

Company meetings

Because of what is going on in the world, the majority of employees are working from home. This necessitates remote team meetings. When you introduce the Q&A mode to your team, you can hold sessions in which employees can submit questions for an executive/HR representative to answer. This is merely one example.

You can read this guide on managing remote teams in a virtual environment.

3. Q&A sessions in an online event supervised by admins

It’s easy to get lost in a large online event, especially in conversations. Q&As aren’t always straightforward to manage, but with the appropriate technology, they can be. If you know how to utilize the platform and have your admins with you, Q&As may be simple and enjoyable.

Virtually holding events is no longer as terrifying. Even complete strangers can host one. All you have to do now is prepare for the other items you’ll need for your Q&A session now that you’re confident with your chat platform.

If you want to learn more about RumbleTalk’s platform, contact us.

Using InText keywords for better marketing

A chat plugin is a solution for businesses that want to embed a group chat to their websites without having to download anything. Coupled with an InText keywords feature, it transforms into the ultimate marketing platform.

You can easily direct your users to links from external sources, sites, or affiliate content when you use InText keywords. As a result, all messages are scanned for words or phrases that are linked to a URL. You can use this to easily direct users to affiliate content or related topics.

What exactly is the InText keywords function?

This is a technology that recognizes specific messages, texts, or phrases in a group chat and highlights them as keywords.

intext keywords

These keywords are provided by the chat owner. The chat platform’s role is then to search for these keywords in the chat and correctly link them. This is true for all chat rooms.

When you type a keyword, it must be followed by a URL. The URL is also provided by the chat owner. As long as you have keywords assigned to your chat, the keywords with links are recognized instantly.

If you wish to edit the keyword list, there’s no need to disconnect everyone in the conversation. A chat owner can add keywords, which will appear in real-time in the chat.

Without cluttering the chat with URLs, you can now add links or documents connected to the discussion. You can also utilize the tool to respond to inquiries from your audience about your topic.

If you’re a teacher, for example, you can send your students to review materials or informative videos. Another wonderful example is when a customer inquires about your social media accounts while you’re conducting a product launch. You can attach the names of social media pages to them, and they will be instantly redirected to them.

How can I turn on the feature?

online therapy

If you don’t assign keywords, they won’t be highlighted in a chat. You must manually assign them as the chat owner. You’ll need to do the following to accomplish this:

  1. Go to your admin panel first.
  2. Select Keywords from the drop-down menu under Settings.
  3. In your chat, enter the keyword(s) and URL that you want to appear.
  4. Last but not least, save your changes.

A link isn’t just for a single word. They can also utilize the following:

  • a single paragraph,
  • using short phrases, and
  • sentences that are complete.

A keyword can be anything. The number of keywords you can add to a group chat is, however, limited. If you are in a hurry, you can upgrade and add keywords at any time.

intext keywords

When you upgrade, you’ll be able to add keywords to your limit right away. Add more keywords and URLs after that.

Marketing made efficient and easy through InText keywords

Finally, keywords are an excellent way to direct your audience to where you want them to go. Keywords are displayed in a new tab. As a result, they will not be disconnected from the chat. They can then watch the content at their leisure.

The audience can immediately spot them. If a member of the audience is bored, he can simply scroll through the chat and move on to the next message.

Administrators are not the only ones who can use them. These keywords are also searchable by your target audience. It then appears as highlighted text.

In private conversations, the keyword list is also active. As a result, give it a shot right now and see how it affects your website!

More information on how to use them can be found here.

Want to know more about RumbleTalk’s features? Don’t hesitate to connect with us through our support email. We’re more than willing to give you a demo call.

Use Live Stream Chat to Increase Engagement

From a participant’s POV, there is no interaction in live events. In online sessions or video conferencing, people can see you so they have to participate and be alert. However, live streaming with thousands of viewers can feel overwhelming and there’s limited interaction. The use of a live stream chat helps in these instances.

Even when the content is substantial, participants feel there is little to no engagement. So, this dilemma makes it harder for event organizers to capture the same feeling and interaction when compared to an in-person event.

People are influenced by others. These tend to leave a mark, making the event more memorable. Because of this, event organizers are thinking of new ways to engage and interact with the participants. They are trying new things to make the event more relevant.

Without the benefit of physical interaction, event organizers need to develop new strategies and tactics and use these to facilitate their online events.

Communication and strategy for virtual events

For virtual events, an all-in-one communication solution should be present. This will help replace the face-to-face interaction happening in in-person events. The RumbleTalk group chat platform has all the communication features that you need in a single space, including our latest feature: Polls.

In the RumbleTalk group chat platform, everything is readily accessible in one platform such as group chat, chat moderation, Q&A, and polls, all that next to the embedded live stream platform.

Engaged and full of interaction

  • Q&A sessions are held to measure engagement and interaction
  • Polls can be used to get feedback from the audience
  • Chat is in real-time as the event is ongoing
  • Login options made easy with social sign-in (Facebook/Twitter) for a seamless chat entrance

Read more here: Overview of main RumbleTalk chat types and features

Interaction in the live stream chat

A basic chat is available on some live stream platforms. However, there are few personalization options, making the chat lifeless. RumbleTalk live stream chat has been made to start meaningful conversations, not forgetting the users’ side. We made sure that every user has personalization options, ensuring everyone has a face to go with their profile.

Participants can create their own profiles, complete with an avatar and their username. Emojis are also available in the chat room as they add color and fun to any conversation.

live stream chat

Participants can also start their own discussion in the chat room. Since large events have too many people in one chat room, they are allowed to create their own threads. Other attendees can answer them. If the speaker is not available at the time, moderators and participants can answer.

To enable this feature on your RumbleTalk chat room, choose Moderated Chat. Moderators can watch over the chat and see that the chat is still on topic.

live chat

Here, moderators can approve or delete questions and answers. Only approved ones will appear in the chat room.

interactive presentations

NOTE: Moderators can send messages normally, without needing the approval of another moderator.

After the live stream session

After the live stream broadcast, participants can still continue the discussion if they want to, without needing moderators. Change the chat type to Group Chat so anyone can join in.

For event organizers, if you want to keep a copy of the chat transcript, click Export on the admin panel. Alternatively, you can also click Export chat transcript directly in the chat room.

chat for events

Keep this copy and see what your participants have talked about. Use it to enhance your future live streams.

More than just live stream broadcasts

Engagement in a live event is not determined by how many people have attended your event but the effects after. Moderated Chat and Group Chat are just two of the many features of the RumbleTalk group chat platform.

Because of the oversaturated market of online events, it’s more important to ensure communication is two-way. Enabling your participants to connect in real-time will help create a community and look back on it as a memorable virtual event.