Create a unique social chat experience for your users

To form a relationship with your customers, it takes time and understanding. This is crucial for them so that your product or brand will stay on their minds. There are more than thousands of websites out there, and a lot of them fail. You read that right. What’s missing? It’s the lack of trust. In building a website, some don’t take into consideration the relationship with the customers. Therefore, their website and brand fail. If you create a social chat, you can turn this around.

Knowing your customers’ wants and needs can help you create a unique social chat experience, leading to increased sales and traffic.

We say that emotion does not influence buying factor, but it does.

So, how can you create a unique social chat experience for your visitors, customers, and partners? Here are 3 steps to do that.

Personalize your social chat

When you create a website, you think about what it would look like, where elements would be placed, how fast it would load, etc. You should do the same for your social chat.

If your community sees that the chat is lively and beaming with colors, they’ll be more likely to stay longer in the chat room. Also, when you customize your social chat, it will be more pleasing to the eyes. As there are skins available in the chat room, you can use one of those so no coding would be needed.

However, if you want it to blend in with your site, then you’d have to use advanced customization techniques such as CSS. This is the latest CSS skin we’ve made. You can do the same for your chat room.

social chat

Here are the instructions on how we did it.

Use chat features to your advantage

Customers crave social interaction and connection. Therefore, using social chat features like group chat, uploading photos, and calling is an effective way to capture your customers’ attention.

social chat

Furthermore, customer feedback is one of the key points of a social chat. With chat features that you can use, this will increase rapport with your customers. So, taking advantage of chat features that you can use will add chances to make conversation with your customers.


It will not only be a medium to connect with your customers, but it will also help build a community surrounding your brand. In turn, this community will help in spreading the word about your brand, which will lead to new customers and traffic.

Open your community to all

Social chats can sometimes be for members only. However, if you open your chat to everyone, this can be inviting. For instance, a visitor may see that you have a chat on your website. Then, he checks out the chat room, but he sees that it’s only for members. This can leave a distaste in their mouth.

So, if you want to entice customers, make your social chat public. This will assist in capturing the customer’s interest, making them stay on the site. After that, they can chat up users that are logged into the chat room. Then, they may ask about the brand, how you are as an owner, etc. If this goes your way, then it might lead to good development.

Enhancing the social chat experience

The social chat experience is unique in every chat. Websites are made to be your brand’s advertising, but social chat brings it to life. Customers can voice out their opinions, get testimonials from other customers, and more.

Websites with social chats see more sales, traffic, and engagement. So, sign up to RumbleTalk now and use all of the above features. You’ll experience a different kind of social chat.

Hosting a virtual event and how you can manage it with a chat

Virtual events have quickly become the norm. Not only does a virtual event help you save money, but it can also gather potential customers, build brand trust, increase audience engagement, and help you establish your name. Out of everything, you can also host it from anywhere in the world.

A virtual event is any event that you can hold online. For instance, discussions, Q&As, panels, conferences, and the likes, all of these fall under virtual events.

These kind of events are popular because they let the audience gain access to the speakers. This helps the audience to know the company, the product, and the individual more by building trust.

How can the audience connect with the speakers, you ask? It’s through a chat that’s next to your event. Chat platforms help your event with engaging your audience. But before that, let’s talk about managing your virtual event.

Choose your platform wisely

There are many virtual event platforms out there. Now, you can even host events on social media platforms. But, platforms dedicated to events or live streaming are still the best options.

Choose what fits your budget, the platform’s features (a plus if it has a chat plugin), how many attendees can join the event, etc.

For example, you chose Dacast or Vimeo as your platform. Then, the next step is to set up the chat. You can use RumbleTalk with both platforms. Find the integration instructions here for Dacast and Vimeo, respectively.

virtual event

After setting it up, try it out. Check if the stream is working and if the chat was embedded well. Try all login options. If you find it all functional, then you know you’ve found the right platform.

Make the virtual event accessible for all devices

Fortunately, video and chat platforms are now accessible for both mobile and web browsers. By making sure that your event is optimized for most devices, you can gather more participants. Since everyone is usually on their phones, then events that support this have increased audience engagement and interaction.

Use all features to the fullest

a) File sharing

Before the event starts, you can give your participants some materials they can use while watching the event. For instance, you can share a PPT of the topic, a spreadsheet containing important data, or maybe share a video that they can watch as an introduction.

chat platform

Features like this can help you create a memorable event and experience for your participants. They can save these materials so they can use them in the future if they need to.

b) Exporting the chat transcript

Another feature would be exporting the chat transcript for documentation. If your attendees sent some comments that you’ve found useful, you can export the chat transcript to use it as a reference. Your participants can also export the chat transcript so they can look back on the event.

virtual event

c) Exporting the user list

If you want a copy of your attendees’ information, then you can export the user list. This allows you to see the data of all the participants of your event.

membership chat

After that, you can send them follow-ups through their emails or social media (whichever they used to log in). Just make sure to disable the guest login option. When you enable this, anyone can enter the chat without registering their information.

Ready for your next virtual event?

Hosting virtual events is never easy. But when you choose the right platform to go with it, it will be easier for you to manage and administer. It’s a fun and effective way to reach people all over the world. Remember that, when it comes to virtual events, it’s all about making that first impression and audience interaction. This will create traction and your attendees will be back for more. 

Now, with these tips, you’re ready for your next virtual event. It’s time to start using a platform that goes perfectly with it.

How A Chat Platform Works for Virtual Events

A virtual event is an occasion happening in a digital environment rather than a physical location. Event organizers now learn to redesign the online event experience through innovative tools such as a chat platform.

A chat platform combines multiple features in one, which helps virtual events succeed. What makes it so special is that, there are even more opportunities to create engagement-driven experiences that extend well beyond a computer screen.

With messaging, you can make use of features like video/audio calling, moderation, polls, and more, making it ideal for any virtual event.

During virtual events, the focus is on your audience and how you can make the event more interesting for them. A chat puts everything on one platform so that users can easily express and communicate in events.

Why a chat platform for virtual events

For virtual events, the tools that you use should be versatile. When you do this, you ensure the success of your event.

Because events are not one size fits all, the tools that you use could make or break the events held. A chat platform can be used in multiple ways through its various features.

Given that there are so many features and ways you can use a chat, we have compiled three reasons why your virtual events need to be accompanied by one.

Voice and video calling

In this new era, “Good day” and “How are you?” have become such common greetings sent over texts. Yes, messaging is a great way to communicate, but calling takes it to even greater heights.

With the advancement of technology, messaging is not the only form of communication that people have. Voice and video calling are two features, which boost user experience. In virtual events, e.g., job fairs, to recreate the interview experience, video calling can come in handy.

web-based counselling chat

In addition, only messaging may not convey a message properly. So, some users prefer to initiate a voice call to make sure the other party gets the right message.

Customize the chat design to fit your theme

Tune the look and feel of your chat with skins and themes. By adding a few lines of CSS, you can easily change the chat design.

chat platform

Change backgrounds, adjust fonts, change messages’ colors, and other design properties to customize the chat design and make it fit your event or website theme perfectly.

Connect exhibitors and attendees

To get a similar experience with in-person booths, use the chat. Chat platforms make it easy to set up virtual booths where attendees can instantly reach out to exhibitors.

With a group chat, exhibitors can share documents, videos, and images as promotional material in the chat to answer an attendee’s question.

Another great thing about chat platforms for virtual events is that it allows for networking. While there’s an event ongoing, participants can go into the general chat room and chat up with other participants. They can make important connections during the event.

These features make virtual events feel like in-person events and emulate the booths in conferences, job fairs, and other events.


The features included in this blog are all essential for virtual events. You might be thinking that achieving this is hard. However, it’s not. All of these features are available at RumbleTalk and you can set it up in a matter of minutes. With the knowledge base, you can find step-by-step tutorials and guides (even with videos) to help you get started.

If you want to learn more about how we can help with your next virtual event, click here to speak with our experts, and they can guide you with what you need or answer any questions you might have.