Moderated Chat: A live chat feature you never knew you needed


The role of technology has increased since the world came to a halt. Businesses are now using innovative ways, such as a moderated chat, to welcome engagement on their digital platforms.

It’s crucial that these virtual gatherings remain organized. This is where the role of chat moderation comes in handy. Moderated chats ensure that a healthy and safe online platform is provided, discussions are on topic, and the rise of conflicts is prevented.

For this purpose, chat administrators are appointed to moderate the chat room. They play an important role in maintaining safety in the communities. They also have the right to approve or reject messages, ban users, limit chat room access, or simply provide quick solutions as needed.

Here’s a rundown of how moderated chats can benefit your business and make your online community a safe and vibrant space.

What can administrators do in a moderated chat?

moderated chat
  1. Screen Messages – Accept or reject messages before it goes public
  2. Mute Users by Turning on Admin Mode – Manage the background noise to keep the focus on your presentation
  3. Remove Problematic Chatters – Remove a user to limit spam and avoid conflicts
  4. Go Interactive – Shape engagement in your group chat by using the Q&A or poll feature
  5. Appoint an Administrator – Designate a new admin to moderate the chat room
  6. Change the Chat Type – Change your chat to a private one-on-one, social group chat, or paid chat depending on what you need
  7. Export Transcripts – View your chat history by exporting them in 2 ways
  8. Block or Filter Words –  Ban specific words from your chat to prevent profanity and offensive messages
moderated chat

Learn how to perform these chat moderation tools HERE.

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