10,000+ health professionals use RumbleTalk Group Chat during the psychotherapy event of the decade

The Client: The Holistic Psychotherapy Summit 

The summit is hosted by The Weekend University. It is an annual gathering of 10,000+ mental health professionals, including 30 world-leading clinical psychologists like Janina Fisher, Steven Hayes, and Dan Siegel, where they share their secrets in holistic approaches to psychotherapy. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the summit was held online for the first time in 2021. And to facilitate group discussions and networking among online attendees, The Holistic Psychotherapy Summit used RumbleTalk Chat as its online group chat platform, alongside the live stream. 

Subscribers during the summit week get full access to the whole event, including the live stream and the live chat.

The Problem: Bringing the same face-to-face event experience online

The summit organizers faced a challenge in replicating an in-person event’s lively and engaging atmosphere in a virtual setting. They wanted to ensure that attendees would have opportunities to network and engage in meaningful discussions, just as they would at a physical conference.

The Solution: RumbleTalk Group Chat with a designated administrator

group chat

RumbleTalk Chat was selected as the official online group chat platform for the summit due to its ability to provide a user-friendly and interactive experience for attendees. 

With its simple and intuitive interface, attendees were able to join various discussion rooms and engage in real-time conversations with one another.

Here’s how RumbleTalk was utilized during the event:

  1. One main Group Chat accessible to all summit subscribers
  2. One chat admin to moderate the chat room

The Results: Around 5,000 attendees stayed connected and engaged during the summit

The use of RumbleTalk Chat was a huge success for The Holistic Psychotherapy Summit. Attendees were able to engage in lively and productive discussions, just as they would at a physical conference.

The chat platform also provided an easy and convenient way for around 5,000 attendees to connect with one another, regardless of their location.

Additionally, the summit organizers were able to monitor the chat rooms and ensure that the conversations were respectful and professional, in line with the standards of the summit.

Let your virtual audience attend in the comfort of their homes

RumbleTalk Chat proved to be a valuable tool for The Holistic Psychotherapy Summit in providing a seamless and engaging online experience for attendees. Its user-friendly interface and real-time discussion capabilities allowed attendees to connect and engage in meaningful discussions, just as they would at a physical conference.

To get to know more about The Weekend University’s upcoming conferences from world-leading psychologists, best-selling authors, and award-winning professors, visit https://theweekenduniversity.com/.

Ready to use RumbleTalk for your next event? Send us a message at support@rumbletalk.com and we’d be glad to give you a free demo!

Need a refresher? Here are 8 RumbleTalk group chat features you need to check out

RumbleTalk has designed its group chat features with convenience and ease of use in mind, both for the owner, and the user.

If you’ve already tried RumbleTalk, you would have noticed how everything is accessible at a click of a button, even without creating a code.

From embedding your chat to your website and customizing its look and feel, to using the engagement and moderation tools, we make sure to provide our users with simple solutions to manage their chats better. In addition, we continuously roll out better processes that will make your online communication experience more seamless than ever.

Our goal is to provide businesses with a smartly-designed group chat platform to connect, engage, and build lasting relationships with their customers from around the world. Every update is a significant step forward in RumbleTalk’s efforts to improve your overall chatting experience.

Check out the latest group chat features on RumbleTalk

Edit your own sent messages

edit message

Previously, you couldn’t unsent a message or edit it. Now, with this new feature, anyone can edit their own sent messages.

Collect ideas with polls

online marketplaces

Let your audience weigh in on the topic by getting their opinion, this way, you create a more inclusive environment where everyone can be involved and feel valued.

Aside from that, you can also make use of this tool to collect real-time feedback on your online event, which you can use to develop better campaign strategies and new events.

There are two ways to enable the Polls feature. First, through your RumbleTalk admin panel. Second, by logging in as an admin on the group chat itself. Click HERE for the step-by-step instructions on how to use them.

Pin messages on top of the chat

chat features

Have important announcements to make? What if you just want to share an affiliate link or live event? When you pin a message on top of your chat room, it will be seen immediately by all users. It will stay on top unless a user closes the pop-up or when another message is pinned.

Click HERE to know more about this feature.

Export chat names at once

Conveniently export your attendee list in just 2 steps! Perfect for post-event data collection and evaluation. Now, it’s easier to send them thank you emails or just simply keep in touch.

To do this, click on your chat room on Selected chat.

Then, next to the Create a new chat room option, you will see the export option.

Click on that and it will export all chat names into a CSV file.

Copy and paste images from anywhere, to your chat

Instead of saving an image on your device before uploading it on a group chat. RumbleTalk now allows you to just copy an image from anywhere, and paste it on your chat. As simple as that!

This saves space on your device, as well as saves you time since you don’t need to download anything just to share an image.

Search for a specific user in the chat

chat features

Now, you can conveniently search for a friend in the group chat, even there are thousands of participants inside. We’ve added a search users button in the group chat. So, you can just type the name of the user and easily find them in a sea of chatters. It’s one of those simple, handy chat features available in RumbleTalk. This is especially useful if you want to find another user that you want to message privately.

To do this, just enter the username of the participant you’re looking for on the search button located at the top of the chat screen.

Set your status as “Online”, “Away”, or “Busy” 

Here’s a subtle, but effective way to show your availability to communicate. Change your availability status anytime to let other users know if you are able to communicate. To do this, click the gear button at the bottom of the user list, and choose your preferred status.

Furthermore, when you change your chat status to away, other users won’t be able to send you private messages.

Creating better online communities through better features

chat features and chat statistics

Running an online community can be more efficient when you use the right chat features. This is why we continuously roll out better, customer-centric updates to enhance the overall chatting experience.

On top of these, RumbleTalk’s fast and easy integration continues to make it one of the top choices when it comes to group chat tools. Because of the readily available REST API and SDK, you can easily add a fully functional group chat platform to any website in a matter of minutes. So, you can have less time to set up, more time to engage.

Send us a message at support@rumbletalk.com if you want a free demo.

Experts Chat: The Modern Approach to Digitizing One-on-One Meetings

One-on-one meeting tools such as the Experts Chat are essential for entrepreneurs and professionals to build relationships and make deals. They’re so important, in fact, that many professionals have entire strategies set up around one-on-one meetings, whether they are cold calling or actively soliciting clients and opportunities.

However, even if you’re familiar with the basics of how to conduct an effective one-on-one meeting, RumbleTalk’s Experts Chat may be something you need, and more. This modern approach to one-on-one meetings can help you find new business opportunities while also strengthening your existing relationships with customers and clients.

What is Experts Chat?

Experts Chat

The Experts Chat is one of RumbleTalk’s 5 chat types. It is a one-on-one private chat where only you, the chat admin, can start a conversation with your audience or clients.

In the chat room, you can send text, audio or video calls, exchange multimedia files, and send Youtube videos directly into the chat room.

Moreover, you can also message multiple individuals simultaneously, making it even more efficient and time-saving.

Where can you use your Experts Chat?

Here are some of the ways you can maximize this chat type:

Giving Professional Advice

As a counselor, teacher, lawyer, healthcare worker, or other professional, it’s easier to continue providing a personalized service even online. The Expert’s Chat is a safe space where your conversations and files will only be between you and your client.

Job Interviews

event chat

Screen, interview, and hire potential candidates on one platform. You can also exchange files such as resumes and job application forms within the chat. Go ahead and message as many candidates as you want simultaneously.

Fan Page or Podcast

Enjoy a one-on-one meet and greet with your followers through the Expert’s Chat. Your chat room can be embedded beside a live stream too, so you can easily create a two way connection without the hassle of changing screens.

Best practices to make the most out of your chat

Maximize these features for the best experience for you and your audience:

Audio and video call

Connecting more personally through audio or video calls is easier than just text messages. This feature allows you to get to know your clients, followers, and prospective clients better even from miles away.

Multimedia file sharing

Do everything within your chat room without sending files and documents through email! With that, you can instantly send and download photos, videos, links, documents, presentations, and forms right within your chat room.

In Text Keywords

These are keywords set by the chat admin, what makes them unique? In Text Keywords are clickable links! So you can redirect your client to a product tutorial, send your student to view his grades online, and share the job application form with your prospective candidate – the opportunities are endless! So no more copy-pasting those documents and links over and over again.

Multiple chat rooms

As a chat admin, you can create multiple one-on-one chats simultaneously. With this, you can accommodate more while still being organized.

Fully customizable hosted-chat room

RumbleTalk chats offer a fully customizable chat room that will suit every need. From pre-made templates and skins, to its full CSS capabilities, there’s no limit to how you want your chat room to look.

Furthermore, this hosted chat can be embedded into your website, even beside your live stream. It’s easy to use, secure, and affordable.

Try the Experts Chat for free

Our experts chat is a live chat experience that brings you closer to your clients. It’s the perfect solution for business owners who want to keep their clients happy while they are on the go.

Get started with your free Experts Chat or contact us at support@rumbletalk.com for more information.