Hybrid events: More than just a buzzword


Hybrid events are a buzzword in the industry. They’re a combination of two or more different types of events, such as conferences, summits, and expos. The idea behind hybrid events is that they combine the best parts of those formats into one experience for attendees.

Hybrid events: what are they?

This is a new form of event that combines the best parts of different events. They are a combination of multiple events like an in-person exhibition and its online counterpart. Also, attendees can undergo a unique experience such as increased accessibility for attendees with disabilities, reduced carbon emissions from travel, and the ability to reach a global audience.

Hybrid events are an excellent way to appeal to your audience in this digital age. By combining traditional paper-based or virtual marketing materials with interactive elements like social media posts, videos, and podcasts, this allows you to engage your audience wherever they’re at (whether it’s listening in their car or chatting on chat rooms).

Why try out hybrid events?

Hybrid events are a new trend, but they’re more than just a combination of two events. They’re also about combining technologies in new ways, which can have a positive impact on your business.

Hybrid events can be used to create an experience that’s unique to your company and its customers or employees. For example, you might want to host an event where you give out gift cards or other prizes after working hard onsite at one location while another team works remotely at another location nearby (or even overseas).

This way, you can encourage people who come into contact with your brand through both activities. They’ll have an experience that gives them something extra value from their time spent interacting with it

Taking hybrid challenges seriously

hybrid events

The challenges to hybrid events are as follows:

  • How do you get people to come together?
  • How do you make sure that everyone has a good time at the same time?
  • Are fun and interaction shared equally across all participants?

Technology is the star of hybrid events

One important aspect of any hybrid event is technology. Whether it’s mobile apps or online streaming services like Twitch (which has over 50 million users), there’s no shortage of ways you can use technology in conjunction with traditional methods like email marketing and social media posts!

For instance, RumbleTalk has had its fair share of hybrid event experiences.

This year, we had the privilege to be chosen as the chat room platform for the biggest tech event worldwide – CES Tech 2023.

Last 2022, we also had a hybrid wedding event via Elev8 Event Group where the couple held a face-to-face ceremony and a live stream. Through their search for a chat platform that they can use next to the stream, they found RumbleTalk. Their families and friends communicated within the chat room.

Hybrid events are the new normal. And they’re here to stay. As more businesses start embracing this trend, we’ll see it become even more popular in the years to come.

Impacting the future of hybrid events

You’re probably wondering: What’s the point of hybrid events?

Well, we have good news for you. The future of event technology is bright and beautiful! In fact, it’s so bright that it makes us want to cry tears of joy.

Hybrid events will be the norm by 2023—and they’ll look nothing like they do now. They’ll be more accessible than ever before because they’re powered by mobile devices (like smartphones and tablets), wearables (like Bluetooth headsets), virtual reality headsets, and other gadgets we haven’t even invented yet!

And suppose that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, we’ll also see more affordable prices for tickets as well as access points throughout venues where people can connect with each other socially over drinks or dinner instead of just sitting around staring at their phones waiting for something fun to happen online.

Hybrid events are here to stay

Hybrid events combine the best elements of live and digital marketing. They’re already changing how brands engage with their customers. In fact, hybrid events have become the go-to method for companies looking to reach new audiences and increase engagement rates on social media channels.

The idea behind this approach was first pioneered by brands like Airbnb and eBay back in 2015 when they held their first ever “Open House” live streaming event across multiple cities simultaneously around the world including New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Paris, Tokyo, etc.

Not just a trend that comes and goes

Hybrid events are a new trend in the industry and they will only continue to grow as more people join. The future is bright for hybrid events, as they offer many benefits not found in traditional models such as lower costs, easier logistics, and more flexibility when it comes time for planning an event.

Hybrid events can be used in any industry from education to sports teams or even just individuals who want an exciting way to meet new people!

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