A Guide To Conducting Productive Remote Meetings When You’ve Only Got 100 Minutes


As a remote worker, you are accustomed to working from home most of the time. The one thing you aren’t used to is having a conversation with someone face-to-face without being able to see them. In this article, we will cover ways how to use polls and manage productive remote meetings through various communication channels.

Keep everyone on the same page by utilizing polls

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They allow for an easy way to see what everyone else is thinking and also provide a way for you to understand how people feel about certain topics or issues.

1. When creating polls, it’s important not only to have easy access but also a way for people to respond quickly so they don’t lose momentum during a meeting or presentation. One solution is to use RumbleTalk’s Polls feature, which provides tools like word cloud and graph functionality that make it easy for participants to answer questions and see data without much effort.

2. Create polls by having all team members fill out an online form, allowing them to select from a list of options. You can also add questions that are specific to your company or department. For example, if you have employees who work in different locations but need to communicate with each other, you could create a poll that asks them what their preferred method of communication is and why.

3. Create polls in Google Docs, which makes them easy for everyone to access and share with others. This allows for more flexibility than using spreadsheets on the team’s computers (which can be difficult). You can then share the link to your chat room.

Lead them on with more questions

You can also ask questions to get people talking. If you’re wondering what your remote team members are working on, or why they feel the way they do about something, asking them specific questions is a great way to get answers.

You might also want to ask open-ended questions instead of yes/no ones: “What was the most difficult project that you’ve worked on?” or “What made this project difficult?” will get people talking more than just saying yes or no.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned through my own experience as well as observing others in meetings over email and video calls, it’s that using open-ended questions allows everyone involved in the discussion (including yourself) an opportunity for self-reflection on their experiences so far—which leads us back down another path toward productivity!

Start asking questions during your online business meetings and increase the productivity of your weekly meeting by 50%

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Polls are a great way to get feedback from your team and improve the productivity of your weekly meeting. They also provide a great opportunity for you to learn more about your team, as well as what they’re most interested in.

Here’s how you can use polls during online business meetings:

  • Start asking questions during your online business meetings and increase the productivity of your weekly meeting by 50%. Ask them questions that help you understand their needs, wants, and concerns so that together with other members of the team, we can make decisions based on those answers.
  • Weekly meetings are an important part of any remote team. They help keep everyone on the same page, ensure everyone is aware of what needs to be done and identify any issues that need addressing.

MVP of Remote Meetings: The Poll

You might have noticed that we used the word “poll” in each of our three tips. That’s because polls and surveys are a great way to get everyone on board with what you want them to do. But they also serve as an excellent way for remote teams to stay connected and stay productive over long-distance meetings.

The key is not just asking questions during your meetings, but also making those questions actionable so that people can start working on them immediately after their meeting ends.

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