Case Study: A spike in engagement that’s beyond all expectations


A few weeks ago, we’ve had the pleasure of participating in an event that was run through RumbleTalk Chat’s technology. The experience showed us why adding an event chat into your platform could be one of the biggest changes to live stream events, e.g., audience engagement, since the invention of social media.

We are so delighted to have the privilege of sharing with you the story of one of our clients. How they started, and how we spruced things up. This case study highlights several key takeaways from our campaign so far.

Before we get started, let’s define the following terms first.

What is a live stream event?

A live stream event is a real-time, broadcasted event over the Internet. It can be on your website, on a community platform, or anywhere else online. To make it more effective in engaging your audience, most organizers add a live chat into the event. So, it instantly becomes a two-way communication. It becomes a place where your audience isn’t just your listener, but can also engage with other participants in so many ways.

What is engagement and how do we measure it?

Engagement is when visitors to your website, or event, appreciate your content enough to stick around, interact, and share your content. For example, if we are measuring our live stream event’s engagement, we will look at the interaction between the active chatters, the participants who stayed until the end of the program, and people who talk about the event on their social media platforms.

So, in an event like this, we can quantify engagement by using this formula:

The Objective: To increase the total engagement rate in a live stream conference

Organizing healthcare conferences for almost a decade, this will be our client’s first time to use RumbleTalk in their virtual event. The objective is to increase the total engagement of this 2-day event. From the usual 47%, we are eyeing at least a 75% engagement rate by the end of the program.

The Solution: Pair the event with RumbleTalk Moderated Chat

live stream

The conference contained panels and speakers from varied medical specialties. Organizers are expecting over 400 guests in the medical industry. Given this huge number, they knew they needed a tool to provide attendees a way to communicate their thoughts on the fly. So, we set up RumbleTalk on their website, where the event will take place.

The RumbleTalk Experience: Features that helped us reach the goal

  1. Moderated Chat – This chat type allows you to assign an administrator to moderate the conversation. Your admin has control over the functions that will keep your event chat a safe and healthy space for all your participants. They can approve or reject messages before it goes live. Moreover, they can delete all messages at once or mute everyone if there’s an announcement. The admin can disconnect or ban problematic users.
  2. Q&A Sessions and Polls – RumbleTalk further improved the interaction between the speakers and the audience. They did this through a moderated Q&A Session, where the admin will be the one to gather questions through the chat. The admin can also host Poll discussions. This creates an inclusive environment where everyone’s opinion can be heard.
  3. Add a Welcome Message – A simple way to warmly welcome your audience once they enter the online event.
  4. Keywords – During panel discussions, the admin can send downloadable booklets, images, and tutorial videos through Keywords. A feature that turns words into links that will lead your audience to the designated webpage, downloadable file, online form, video, and more.

The Results: 88% total engagement rate, 91% of attendees stayed until the end of the event

live stream engagement

It’s safe to say that using RumbleTalk chat for this online conference was a very successful strategy. The average total engagement rate on their previous live-stream events is usually around 47%. But, with RumbleTalk chat, we were able to enjoy a nice spike with a whopping 88% – which is 13% above the target.

Finally, we also noted that 392 out of 431 participants stayed until the conclusion of the event. Lowering the drop-off rate by 12%.

RumbleTalk gives a simple solution that produced substantial effects

There is no better way to communicate with people during a live stream conference event than through a powerful tool such as RumbleTalk. This communications platform can help you keep your events organized, and your interactions more vibrant than ever.