REST API vs SDK: What to use for your website


RumbleTalk has two different interfaces for developers. You can use our SDK or REST API to build integrations into RumbleTalk. This post will break down which one is best for your project and why.


This can be a confusing topic, so we’ll try to break it down in an easy way.

First of all, what is an API? An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of rules and standards that describe how to interact with another program or service. It’s like how you use different apps on your phone. You don’t have to know all the details about how each app works but instead just know what buttons do and how they work together. You’d probably never use WhatsApp for talking on the phone; instead you’d go directly into Google Hangouts or Skype for chatting with friends (or family).

An SDK is similar but focuses on developing applications rather than integrating them into existing ones—like building an app from scratch versus adding features onto one already built by someone else!

The REST API/SDK interface makes RumbleTalk more accessible

While there are many different ways to integrate RumbleTalk, the REST API/SDK interface is the gateway to our platform. It’s a set of rules that define how you can access your data and allows developers to build integrations on top of RumbleTalk.

The SDK provides access to all features within RumbleTalk through APIs, which allow for easy integration into any application or platform. With this method, it’s important that developers know what they’re getting into before starting work with any software company. This is especially important because there are many different types of projects out there.

For developers, the REST API/SDK allows you to build integrations on top of RumbleTalk

The SDK gives you access to all of our features by adding them directly into your app. With the RumbleTalk REST API, however, it gives third-party integrations a chance at working with those same core features—conversations, messages, and channels—as well as additional ones like group chats and audio calls.

The SDK is a code library that gives you access to RumbleTalk features by adding it to your app

SDKs are used by developers to add features to their apps, allowing them to use the platform’s services and communicate with other users in real-time. For example, if you’re building an application for sports teams or fitness centers, it might make sense for them not only want access but also control over their own user accounts. Therefore, they can manage users’ profiles, log out users who have been inactive for too long, and more.

The REST API allows for third-party integrations into RumbleTalk’s core features like conversations, messages, and channels

The REST API allows for third-party integrations into RumbleTalk’s core features like conversations, messages, and channels. It also gives you access to the API so that you can build an app on top of it. This is in contrast with SDKs, which are code libraries that give you access to these features by adding it to your app.

Using the right tool for the job will make your integration simpler and more successful


So, which is better for your integration? It depends on what you’re trying to do. For example: If you want to embed RumbleTalk in your own app, then the SDK or REST API would be a good option. But if you want to build an external service that pushes content from another source into RumbleTalk conversations or channels (as new messages), then SDK would be the better option.

If you have any questions regarding integration, you can visit our REST API guide. Or, send us a message at for a free demo.