TheWebAppMarket calls RumbleTalk, a smartly designed online chat plugin for websites and online events.


Israel, November 15, 2022: TheWebAppMarket presents an amazing moderated group chat tool for websites and events. It can be used to engage people from all over the world – from brand marketing, live events, panel debates, academic settings, online trading, live radios, fan clubs, livestreams, customer engagements, or even just casual conversations.

With a simple embed code and a strong API, any website, whether a live event or a website, can have a stylish chat added into it. 

With the chat service already installed on over 500,000 websites, you can set up a fully working chat room on your website, or beside your event livestream!

A variety of pre-built themes are included with the plugin. These themes can be used to create an eye-catching group chat design that is consistent with your brand. For more advanced users, you can also generate your themes and tailor them to your needs using CSS development.

Your entire chat creation and managing can be done from a REST API. You can change the chat types anytime and export your chat history. 

Administrator can entirely manage the conversation too. They have special functions such as screening messages before it goes live into the group chat, ban profanity or unwanted users, mute all users, slow down the chat, and more. To prevent unneeded complexities, you can enable or disable your security features. 

“We love to listen to our clients, I believe this is how you grow to be something that makes them feel valued and ultimately fosters a stronger sense of connection with the brand.” 

– Eyal Misk, CEO & Founder of RumbleTalk Chat

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