4 Reasons Why You Should Use A Chat For Events


Having a conference, product launch, or summit coming up? It’s always a good thing to connect with your audience through online events. So, you should have an engagement platform up your sleeve. A chat for events will create buzz around your event.

You’re giving your event goers a platform to voice out their opinions. This can create good traffic and engagement.

With a chat for events, the audience is free to send questions whenever they want. However, it can be confusing to see all questions coming in continuously.

So, how can you hold a successful online event?

Let’s take a look at how a chat for events can help you.

Reasons why you should use a chat for events

Audience engagement

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Keep your audience engaged by letting them submit questions. After that, you can see that your audience will be more engaged in the event.

If you choose to answer their questions, then they will be engaged to send more. As a speaker or moderator, you allow your audience to enjoy the event to its fullest.

Separate chat for participants

Before the event starts, let your audience know of the group chat for your event. You can also tell them how it works and that it’s moderated by admins to make them feel secure.

Ask them to send in questions that are relevant to avoid being disconnected or banned. Then, the admins will choose from these questions and the speakers will answer them at the event.

Event experience leveled up

Now, you have a dedicated chat for events. With the moderated chat, you can take full control of your chat.

Also, admins are there to help you. With their help, questions will be easier to spot, and only necessary messages are in the chat.

If you want to keep the data after the event, you can export the chat transcript.

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It’s also available for sharing with your audience. It’s up to you where you’ll upload it, e.g., social media, newsletter, or in the group chat where they can easily access it.

Engagement rates spike up

Online events are usually held on a website or webpage. They will include either of the following:

  • Group chat – everyone can send messages.
  • Live chat – continuous influx of messages from the audience.

If your event is a small one, then the aforementioned chats can work. However, if your event is a larger one such as summits or conferences, then a chat for events (e.g., moderated chat) would be a better option.

This is because hundreds or thousands of participants are sending their messages. They are continuously coming in and you cannot handle that alone. So, how will the speaker answer the questions in this kind of scenario?

Here are some solutions that you can use.

  1. Use downloadable live software.
  2. Use a chat for events with a moderated chat to control the chat discussion.

Create a moderated chat when you use RumbleTalk as your chat for events. You don’t need to download anything.

According to event pros, using a dedicated chat is better for online events. Here’s how you can set up a moderated chat for your event.

Setting up your chat for events

One of the chat types that you can use is moderated chat. The moderated chat is a chat type that lets admins pre-approve messages.

Here’s how you can get started.

  • First, click Settings > General & Logins.
  • You will see all the chat types available. Select Moderated chat.
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Starting now, any message needs to be approved by admins. Therefore, you should first assign admins to your chat before your event day.

  • Go to Settings > Users.
  • Then, click Add new user. Type the username and password.
  • Choose if admins will have global access or room-only access.
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Messages won’t appear in the chat room unless one of the admins approves them. Another thing to note is that only admins can approve messages. Therefore, non-admin users cannot see unapproved messages by other chatters.

This ensures that the chat stays spam-free. No clutter or unnecessary comments. It’s one of the top reasons why the moderated chat is the best choice for online events.

You can read this article if you want to host a Q&A session through the moderated chat: Step-by-Step Guide for Organizing a Q&A Live Session

All-in-one engagement solution for events

Are you now convinced to use a chat for events? These are just some of the reasons why you should use a dedicated chat for your online event. We hope this helps you decide what to get and helps you make your next event a successful one.

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