How To Integrate A Chat Room Into Your WordPress Members Plugin?

If your WordPress hosted website has a membership option (plugin), there is a 50% chance that you are using a WordPress members plugin. As you probably know, members-only chat room is something that is essential for community engagement, whether a daily chat or once in a while.

Before we dig into the group chat plugin, let’s first understand the member’s plugin concept. There are several WordPress member plugins, though they all essentially perform the same function. Plugins allow a webmaster to set up a members-only area on their website with exclusive content and special features.

Choosing the right plugin for your site is important, as the various features the plugins offer can affect how many people stay engaged on your website.

Below, we will answer a few questions you may have regarding the integration of a chat room into your WordPress members’ plugins.

What Are Members Chat Rooms?

A members chat room is a chat room that can only be accessed by website members.

Having a members chat room on your website can be helpful. It can encourage site visitors to become members in order to participate in conversations and join the site community.

A chat of today includes also video and audio messages and video and audio live calls.

What Types of WordPress Members Plugin to use?

When in the market for a plugin, it is important to do a little research before making a decision. There are many options out there and we will discuss a few below.

  • MemberPress – MemberPress is a good option when looking for a plugin. It is simple to set up and has quite several features. Webmasters can have a lot of control over who accesses what on their site and at what time. This plugin also conveniently allows for integration with other services you may want to use on your website. Some of these include MailChimp, MadMimi, and BluBrry. The company uses PayPal and Stripe, making it easy for members to make payments. You can choose from two versions of this plugin, either the Business Edition or the Developer Edition. Users of MemberPress often say that this plugin is one of the simplest to use with WordPress, especially for beginners.
  • Paid Memberships Pro – This plugin offers a couple of options. There is a basic version that is entirely free to use, as well as the standard version for a yearly fee and the plus version. Keep in mind the basic free version does not offer many features but may give users a taste of what they can expect in the more advanced versions. Paid Membership Pro also allows for integration with various other services and WordPress members plugins, as well as adding in the Plus version. For users who don’t have a lot of experience working with websites and plugins, this particular one may be rather difficult to use.
  • Ultimate Member – Ultimate Member is yet another option when it comes to plugins. This plugin is extremely simple to use, as no knowledge of coding is required to integrate it into your website. It adapts to mobile devices, allowing users to access members-only content from their computers as well as their mobile devices. Ultimate Member offers a number of extensions that webmasters can pay for, such as Instagram, MailChimp, and User Reviews. There are also a couple of free extensions, like the ability to display what users are online.

How to Integrate a Plugin Into Your Website

We built the RumbleTalk chat room plugin to integrate with most members plugins.
Most WordPress members plugins use the WordPress built-in user management.

RumbleTalk chat room service is integrated with WordPress built-in users management. This means that both the chat and members use the same users base and therefore are integrated by nature, the integration can take practically 1 minute.. (Note, Integration on the chat side is done with one checkbox click, we made it extra easy).

So In practice, what’s next?

You will need the two components installed in your WordPress to create chat room integration.

This can be quite handy because if you have a WordPress Members plugin installed, you can easily incorporate the Rumbletalk plugin into your WordPress website. This will allow you to have a members-only chat room.

The steps to do so are below (we just use ultimate member as an example).

members plugin with a chat room

Step 1
1 – Install the Member plugin and follow the setup instructions.

2 – Install the  RumbleTalk chat room plugin and follow the setup instructions.

Performing these two steps will automatically integrate the chat with the Members Plugin users base. By doing so, we will allow only members of the site to log in automatically to your chat with their username.

Step 2
After the installation of the plugins has finished, you then must create an account via the RumbleTalk chat plugin.

Account wordpress setup

Step 3
Once done, you will see the window below. Make sure to check the “Member” box to complete the process.

detailed info on the wp plugin

For more information and troubleshooting, check this link

You are done! 

As you can see, it is quite a simple process!  If you need more information about settings or the installation process, you can check out the introductions in here.

For any additional questions or comments, please contact us at support <the sign @>

New Feature: Delete Files in Your Group Chat

Here’s a new feature to add a layer of privacy to your group chat. You can now delete files shared in a chat conversation, group, or private.

Privacy means a lot to most of us. Privacy comes in many forms, either territory, physical body, data, identity, or location. Nowadays, privacy is not a right anymore, it is a privilege. We hear stories from the news on how easy it is to invade our privacy.

So, here at RumbleTalk, we have some ways to help you protect your privacy. Specifically, the things you share in the group chat.

RumbleTalk’s newest feature gives you the ability to delete all uploaded images, recordings, and files, not just in the group chat but also in private conversations.

Why the need to delete files?

Most of the chat owners want to delete the messages in a group chat after an event has been finished. To keep things confidential, they wanted to delete the messages.

Then, they also wanted to delete the shared files on that chat. So, we had an idea to add this as a feature for our existing customers.

How do we do that?

  • In your RumbleTalk admin panel, click the settings and choose History.
delete files
  • After that, you will see the History page. In there, you have an option to save the chat transcript or delete all the messages that were delivered to your group chat.
delete files
  • There is a check box (Also delete files). Check that box to delete all files.
  • Then, click Yes, clear the chat history to delete the entire chat history.

Now, all files that you have sent to the group chat and private chat will be deleted.

As you can see in this example, the users sent multiple files and images in the group chat and private chat. However, after checking the Clear Files check box, they were instantly deleted.

This is how easy it is to delete all files in your group chat.

You can also refer to the knowledge base article and use it as a guide.

Deleting files and more

RumbleTalk is always adding new features to keep our customers happy. This is just one example of how we have added a feature based on our customers’ suggestions.

We have more features coming in the near future. So, if you want to be updated with the latest news, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Let us know your comments and suggestions by contacting us on our website. We always put our customers first.

Sign up to RumbleTalk today and start chatting!

How To Make Fresh Content Using RumbleTalk Group Chat

Running out of content ideas? RumbleTalk group chat’s got your back. Make your audiences engaged by providing fresh content.

Here’s why RumbleTalk can help you make new content and ideas and give the needed boost to your website.

Avoiding writer’s block

Companies spend a large amount of money just to produce good quality content to distribute information to any media, especially to digital media.

Nowadays, companies depend on the trend that is currently going rounds on the internet. Some are witty enough to take advantage of the current situation, using memes, and celebrities’ issues to gain attention and generate good traffic on their website, but there are limitations for that.

Ideas would run out and will keep it harder for the writer to generate more interesting content.

It’s known as, Writer’s Block. Writer’s block is a state of being unable to continue with composing or not having the capacity to write something new.

However, we can avoid having this state by integrating a group chat on your website. 

How does it work?

Step 1. First, place or embed a chat on your website and invite your friends, audience, or colleagues, to participate in a live or virtual event. 


Step 2. Then, wait for the people to build a conversation until they can create fresh content associated with your brand or to your virtual event.

Export your chat’s transcript

This time, the messages in the chat room can be converted to HTML or CSV and can be placed on your website until the discussion or event is over. This may result in highly targeted keywords and generate traffic for your website.

We have customers that are using it on a daily basis. As a result, fresh content is added to their website every day.

There are two ways to export the group conversation transcript (chat history) into an HTML/CSV/Word file. Exporting it from the chat or exporting it from the admin panel.

Exporting from the chat

  1. First, log in to the chat room as normal.
  2. Then, click the chat settings button.
fresh content

3. Lastly, click Export transcript to export your chat transcript.

freelance work

NOTE: Only the content presented in the chat will be exported. However, if you wish to export older messages, simply scroll up to get the older messages.

Exporting from the admin panel

  1. First, log into your account and go to your chat room settings. Then, go to the History section.
fresh content

2. Then, on the right part of the page, click the Export button.

new ideas

Now, you can set what you want to export. You may choose between the following:

  • Searching for a special text,
  • Get all the transcript between dates, or
  • As a file.
chat tools

3. Next, click on Export Transcript. Choose between HTML, CSV, or DOC file and your file will be downloaded.

Now, you have an idea on how to generate a daily fresh content. So, all you have to do is wait for the results and observe the impact of having a group chat on your website.

Get fresh content and ideas for your website

With that said, RumbleTalk group chat lets you create an interactive platform that you can embed on your website.

You can start with a free account. Then, try the platform to see if you will like the features. There are different chat types, chat customization, and more.

Discover it now when you sign up.