Host more inclusive and remote-friendly events with these RumbleTalk live chat tactics


Don’t throw in the towel just yet when it comes to online event live chat. There are plenty of tactics you can use to make them as inclusive and remote-friendly as possible! So, don’t worry even when your team members or clients are distributed across different countries. With RumbleTalk, having remote meetings and events that make participants feel included and ensure valuable ideas get discussed are now easier than ever.

Aside from supporting multiple languages, we’ve rounded up four great ways to host more inclusive and remote-friendly meetings with a live chat. Check out our list of tricks below to learn how to streamline meetings and make sure all your attendees are feeling heard throughout the process.

Multiple breakout rooms or event booths

If you’re hosting a particularly large online event, consider adding a few virtual booths where clients can meet fellow participants, and vendors. Everyone can mention a user in the live chat, start a one-on-one conversation, and send an audio or video message. This keeps everyone involved at all times, no matter their location or device.

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Breakout rooms are great, but they can be too noisy when they’re packed. Adding a moderator can save you the headache. In a Moderated Chat, you can create an open live chat room where you can hold a question and answer portion. This way, your booth vendors would be able to answer inquiries and questions related to the product or services they offer.

Furthermore, the moderator will be able to keep the chat organized by filtering the chat before it goes public. The moderator can also mute participants, ban spam users, and export attendee lists.

Multimedia sharing and YouTube playback

Let’s make your online events more accessible. We made sure that participants can share multimedia content—like documents, photos, videos, and audio files—on the fly. Conveniently share anything just by clicking on the paperclip button at the bottom left side of your group chat. With this, you can make more effective presentations that lead to conversions.

Aside from that, anyone can also share a YouTube video directly into the chat. For instance, your vendors would like to show a video of a product demo. Just copy and paste the link to the chat, and your viewers will be able to play it instantly. No need to transfer to another window. This saves a whole lot of time for those who want to check out other vendors, too.

Customized live chat room design

There’s still a way to provide your audience with an experience that is similar to attending a physical event. Not only does this tactic help them feel more at home, but it also increases their overall engagement. After all, nothing is worse than being at an online seminar that feels exactly like attending a standard webinar.

Add visual value to your clients’ experience by personalizing the design of your chat rooms. From the background, fonts, sounds, and shape, you can curate the overall design of your live chat any way you want.

For beginners, you can choose from our pre-made themes. For a more personalized look, you can maximize the CSS capabilities to change the overall appeal of your chat. If you need a guide on how to design your chat rooms, click here.

Inclusive virtual environment with powerful live chat tools

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The key to fostering an inclusive environment is finding the right tools that appeal to every type of event. So, RumbleTalk has prepared all the essentials to help make your next online event more inclusive, comfortable, and productive.

In addition to providing a rich online interface for collaboration during events, there are multiple tools you can utilize to make sure everyone has access.

The best part? Most of our features are completely free! Send us a message at and we’ll walk you through it!