How To Make Fresh Content Using RumbleTalk Group Chat


Running out of content ideas? RumbleTalk group chat’s got your back. Make your audiences engaged by providing fresh content.

Here’s why RumbleTalk can help you make new content and ideas and give the needed boost to your website.

Avoiding writer’s block

Companies spend a large amount of money just to produce good quality content to distribute information to any media, especially to digital media.

Nowadays, companies depend on the trend that is currently going rounds on the internet. Some are witty enough to take advantage of the current situation, using memes, and celebrities’ issues to gain attention and generate good traffic on their website, but there are limitations for that.

Ideas would run out and will keep it harder for the writer to generate more interesting content.

It’s known as, Writer’s Block. Writer’s block is a state of being unable to continue with composing or not having the capacity to write something new.

However, we can avoid having this state by integrating a group chat on your website. 

How does it work?

Step 1. First, place or embed a chat on your website and invite your friends, audience, or colleagues, to participate in a live or virtual event. 


Step 2. Then, wait for the people to build a conversation until they can create fresh content associated with your brand or to your virtual event.

Export your chat’s transcript

This time, the messages in the chat room can be converted to HTML or CSV and can be placed on your website until the discussion or event is over. This may result in highly targeted keywords and generate traffic for your website.

We have customers that are using it on a daily basis. As a result, fresh content is added to their website every day.

There are two ways to export the group conversation transcript (chat history) into an HTML/CSV/Word file. Exporting it from the chat or exporting it from the admin panel.

Exporting from the chat

  1. First, log in to the chat room as normal.
  2. Then, click the chat settings button.
fresh content

3. Lastly, click Export transcript to export your chat transcript.

freelance work

NOTE: Only the content presented in the chat will be exported. However, if you wish to export older messages, simply scroll up to get the older messages.

Exporting from the admin panel

  1. First, log into your account and go to your chat room settings. Then, go to the History section.
fresh content

2. Then, on the right part of the page, click the Export button.

new ideas

Now, you can set what you want to export. You may choose between the following:

  • Searching for a special text,
  • Get all the transcript between dates, or
  • As a file.
chat tools

3. Next, click on Export Transcript. Choose between HTML, CSV, or DOC file and your file will be downloaded.

Now, you have an idea on how to generate a daily fresh content. So, all you have to do is wait for the results and observe the impact of having a group chat on your website.

Get fresh content and ideas for your website

With that said, RumbleTalk group chat lets you create an interactive platform that you can embed on your website.

You can start with a free account. Then, try the platform to see if you will like the features. There are different chat types, chat customization, and more.

Discover it now when you sign up.