RumbleTalk partners up with Dacast Live Stream platform


RumbleTalk and Dacast have formed a partnership. With this, you can now use RumbleTalk as your chat platform alongside Dacast live stream platform.

It is very easy to set-up and you’ll also have access to a live chat platform that you can use simultaneously with your live stream.

In this article, we’ll show how you can use RumbleTalk as your live chat platform for your Dacast broadcasting event and the easiest way to do it.

Who is Dacast?

Dacast is a high-quality live streaming and video hosting platform for businesses and organizations. As a live streaming and video hosting platform, they have one of the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Since its launch in October 2010, they have been providing OTT services to various clients and it has made them known ever since.

RumbleTalk + Dacast = live streaming platform giants

Since RumbleTalk is a chat platform (group, private, social chat) that you can use to connect with your audience, partnering it up with Dacast makes any event unstoppable.

You now have the option to chat with your audience while live streaming. It lets you hear your audience’s opinions, comments, and suggestions. Not only does it end the one-way communication, but it also enables two-way communication between you and your audience.

How do you integrate RumbleTalk with Dacast?

Before you start with anything, make sure that you already have your RumbleTalk and Dacast accounts.

Here are the steps that you need to follow.

  • Go to your RumbleTalk admin panel then click on the Embed tab.
  • On the embed page, click Get Code.
  • Copy the given code and paste it anywhere you want to appear on your website.
virtual events

  • Go to your Dacast account. Click Live Streams.
  • Next, click Create Live Stream.
live stream
live streaming platform

  • Create a title, choose your audience, and click Create.
  • Then, copy the JavaScript embed code from the sharing section of your Dacast live stream setting.
live streaming platform

In the next section, you will see how it will appear on your website.

Different display options

There are two display options that you can choose when integrating RumbleTalk and Dacast on your website.

The first one is a side-by-side video and chat display (see sample code here).

A two-panel display will be integrated on your site, showing the live streaming platform and chat platform beside each other.

live stream

The second one is a stacked video and chat display (see sample code here)

A pair of stacked panels will be integrated on your site, showing the live streaming platform on top of the chat platform.

product q&a

You may also find these steps in our knowledge base article: Integrate RumbleTalk Group Chat with Dacast Live Streaming

Dacast live streaming platform partnership with RumbleTalk

The integration with both platforms is that simple. It’s easier to connect with your audience when you have both chat and live stream platforms on your site.

Even better, you can choose from two displays. This depends on what you need for your site or what display you prefer to conform to your site’s theme.