Case Study: Customers Designing their own Tool-bar Chat Icon


RumbleTalk chat room can be added to a website or blog in 2 ways.

Embedded chat Room in a page

Add a chat room as part of the page, as can be seen in here

Tool-bar chat Room
A second option is  floating tool-bar chat room, which is the “jumping” green icon in our homepage. Clicking on it will open the chat room for a group discussion.


Since we launched the ability to customize the chat room floating Icon 8 months ago, we saw that thousands of chat rooms used it to created their own style . Here are some examples from our customers.

  • Some chose to use small and delicate icons that are “jumping” up and down based on the floating chat settings.
  • Some chose to use a bigger versions of the floating chat icon.
  • Some used simple Icons without text.
  • If you want to set your own Icon with your own style, you can follow this quick steps.

Step 1: go to the admin panel –> in the chat settings section the new tab called, floating.
Step 2: Set your own icon and width, height and bounce rate.