Integrating a chat into your WordPress website

Since the past years, more and more people are starting their own WordPress websites. WordPress is the most popular website builder.

You can dedicate a WordPress website to any niche that you want. Because WordPress is flexible, it can be used for businesses, blogs, or a personal journal. It holds many possibilities.

As WordPress is user-friendly, beginners and developers can create customized and highly intuitive websites. WordPress has plugins that users can download to enhance their websites.

These plugins help users to personalize their websites and this is what we’ll be talking about today. Since we’re focusing on a WordPress website, how can you integrate a chat on your site?

Here’s a quick and easy guide to the RumbleTalk chat plugin and what features it has.

Guide to your own chat

WordPress has a plugin website for all of the plugins available to use in WordPress. To add RumbleTalk to your WordPress website, here’s what you need to do.

  • Download and install the RumbleTalk chat plugin.
  • Register and create your chat. Go to WordPress Settings, choose RumbleTalk chat, and register (email + password).
  • For users that already have an account, click on “Already have account?“. Then, add your 2 fields token hyperlink and add your account token (two fields can be found in your admin panel under Integration in Account Settings).
  • After registering, your chat code (hash) will show in the chatroom code field. This is a unique string for every chat room.
  • NOTE: In case you do not get the hash code, you will need to manually register at RumbleTalk and get your code.
wordpress blog

  • Setting your chat plugin:
    • Add chat room – Create more chat rooms.
    • Members – Connect your chat to your members’ userbase. Let your members to auto-login to your chat.
    • Size – Resize the chat. In some WordPress themes, the size of the chat might be smaller or longer than expected. In that case, see troubleshooting.
    • Floating – If you want your chat to show as an icon in the lower right corner, choose this.
    • Settings – Change your chat design, add admins, etc.
wordpress website
  • To add RumbleTalk group chat to your site, go to a page or post in your WordPress admin.
  • In case you have only one room, use the phrase (rumbletalk-chat) in your post’s visual mode to position the chat widget where you need it.
wordpress blog

  • If you have more than one room, use the green button or add the exact hash in the phrase (rumbletalk-chat hash=”insert here your chat hash”).
wordpress website

After those steps, see the chat on your WordPress website.

Why should you add a chat on your WordPress website?

Since lots of your site visitors are coming and out of your website, why don’t you grab the opportunity to convert them to followers?

By being followers of your content, they are more than just frequent visitors. They keep up with your latest updates, posts, and follow you on your social media sites.

Visitors usually like what they see on a website. If they visited your site, then it means that they’re interested in your content. What if you made a group chat wherein you can talk with your followers?

If you’re active on your WordPress website, then you can chat with anyone who wants to chat. It can be a visitor or follower. As long as they’re on your WordPress website, then they can join the group chat.

Additionally, if you’re not active, you can open the group chat for anyone. Since the group chat is public, followers and visitors alike can chat with each other.

This can help strengthen your community and leads to higher visitor conversion rates.

Add more than one chat room

If your site is gaining more traffic, then you can add more chat rooms. It’s easy to add chat rooms with the RumbleTalk chat plugin. Just go to your chat settings and add how many rooms you want.

wordpress website

Set entrance and subscription fees for your chat

With PayConnect, you can actually charge users for entering your chat. You can choose an entrance fee, where users have limited chat access.

Or, you can choose subscription fees for unlimited chat access.


As the chat owner, this depends on you. Do you feel that your users would like to access your chat for a short time only or a longer period of time?

With the RumbleTalk chat plugin, you can add paid access so you can monetize your WordPress website.

Adding InText Keywords to redirect users

Now that you have your chat, you can add keywords where you link URLs to specific keywords. For example, if you use Facebook as a keyword, you can redirect users to your Facebook page.

To add a keyword, go to Settings on your admin panel. Then, choose Manage Keywords.


Input the keyword and the URL you want it to redirect to. Keywords are shared in all rooms. Therefore, if you have multiple chat rooms, note that your keywords will apply to all chat rooms.

Your WordPress website chat

group chat in wordpress

If you follow the instructions above, it’s easy to add a chat on your WordPress website. With a chat, you can easily connect with your site’s visitors or followers.

No need for third-party websites or social media groups/messaging app. You have it all in one place.

This is what integrating a chat does to your WordPress website. It increases your site’s traffic and the length of stay of your visitors. This gives a higher average than those without a chat.

Interaction is key to these visits. Also, by chatting with your frequent visitors, you can create a community. By building a community, you lead more visitors and followers to become your dedicated circle.

So, what will you choose? A site without a chat or a site with one?

WordPress Chat Integration Made Easy – Connect your Usersbase with a Click

What if I tell you that a WordPress chat integration is a click away. We have tried to make user base integration easy, so we took all the heavy lifting from you and made one checkbox to allow your chat to be fully integrated with your WordPress database.

Now your registered users will be able to automatically login to your WordPress chat room. This means that the chat can be accessed only by WordPress users, registered and/or by users, you decide to set as admin or simple users in the RumbleTalk users management.

Chat and User Base Integration made easy

WordPress chat integration is perfect not only for WordPress users base but for all products using it underneath, like members plugins, BBpress or BuddyPress plugin.

integarte your users base with WordPress. WP Chat Integration Made Easy

This feature is for companies that wish to create a private members group chat using their own existing users base.  It is perfect for closed group discussions, social trading websites, health support group, admin areas where discussions are private or any type of private chat rooms for websites.

WordPress chat integration with your users

After installing the RumbleTalk plugin and creating an account, instructions can be found in here.
You now can use our self-explanatory chat settings.

1. The plugin was installed and the chat account was created. You will see one default chat was created (you can add more rooms when you upgrade your plan). Now you want to connect your WordPress users to the chat. Simply check the MEMBERS checkbox (see below), save and you are done. Checking this checkbox will seamlessly set the WordPress chat integration to use WordPress registered users.

2. Embed – Add the chat to a page where users need to login in order to see (in your member’s area). Use the shortcode to do it.

WP plugin short code

3. Test – Login to your WordPress members area, go to the page you added the chat too and you will see that you automatically logged in to the chat with their member’s area login username.

Wordpress chat plugins info

4. Important – Make sure the login option “Guests” checkbox is checked. Note, Although the “Guest login” is checked, it will not allow guests to log in but only the WordPress/BuddyPress/BBpress users.

Wordpress chat integration guest login

5. Settings – Now you can change your chat settings and customize it to your liking. To do it simply click on the settings button (the options are endless).

The chat is integrated with your users base.
Now, let’s see an example of a using the chat. Let’s take an example of a website that has 500 registered users. This site is giving advice for a group of Stock Traders (the registered users). When these traders are logged in to the site (after supplying their users and passwords). They will be immediately and automatically logged in to the chat room. It is that simple.

When using members login your Social Login is now disabled

Now you made your chat members only (private room). It means only allowed registered users may log in to the chat. In addition, users will not be able to log in with their social logins. e.g

  • Guest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Set administrators for a members only chat room

To create a chat administrators create a user in RubmleTalk with a username that’s exactly the same as your displayname in your WordPress user base.

To do this, simply go to your chat settings and open the “Users” tab. Click on the + and add a user with a password (make sure you add the admin email).

Login as an administrator

When users will open the chat page, they will be logged in automatically. The chat will identify when a user is also an administrator and will prompt them for a password. The administrator will need to provide the password for the first time in this browser, latter on the login will be automatic.

Note, administrators name are show in red by default.



WordPress Group Chat – Plugin Features

We are happy to introduce the new RumbleTalk WordPress group chat plugin. As always, we are constantly working hard to simplify the plugin’s implementation and management, as well as include features that we release on the global service to the WP plugin.

The changes to the plugin are divided into several aspects:

  1. UX
  2. Keywords
  3. Multiple Chat Rooms
  4. Technical

UX Changes

The WP plugin has evolved dramatically, but some questions and requests from our users kept persisting. We tried to answer most of these using a smart UX design.

One question we kept on getting was the option to upgrade to a multiple chats account. To fix this, we put a large orange button on top of the chat with a clear indication of the current account status (Number of Seats, Rooms, and Keywords).

Wordpress group chat settings

Adding the Keywords Feature

Recently, we released a new feature called InText Keywords. Since then, we have received many questions regarding the option to add it to the WP plugin. We are pleased to announce that it is now there! Also, note that the Keywords option is shared among all rooms, so in the event that you have more than one room and have you created an InText keywords list, it will be applied to all rooms in your account.

Easy Setting to Add More Than One Chat Room

The need to add more rooms while working with the plugin was often a question posed to our support team. We updated the plugin to make it easy to add more and more rooms and see each room with a clear view.

A single Room Settings and editing

Charge Users for Entering the Chat

This is another feature that we’ve been working on behind the scenes. We get a lot of comments from you guys that we should add a monetization option. So, we did. Currently, there are two ways to monetize for entering the chat room.

The first one is to put an entrance fee to your group chat or expert’s chat. To do that, just simply choose from paid group chat or paid expert’s chat. Any paid chat type means that it’s monetized.

wordpress group chat

You can set your fees on the “Monetize” section of your admin panel. Just click on “Monetize Settings.” Then, set your fees and make sure that you’re charging for entrance. Also, save your changes before you go.

wordpress group chat

The second one is to add a subscription fee. This is great for membership chats and closed communities. Subscription fees are less hectic than entrance fees because members pay monthly or annually. For instance, they don’t need to extend every minute or hour.

This option works the same as the entrance fee option. The only difference here is that you choose the subscription option. That’s basically it!

WordPress Group Chat Technical Changes

We have implemented many technical changes behind the scenes. For example, you may notice that the folder structure has changed. We’ve made these changes to adapt to the most recent WP plugin instructions and recommendations.

If you need to step-by-step instructions on how to add our WordPress group chat service to your site, see our instructions here.

To download the RumbleTalk WordPress group chat plugin, please go to the WP plugin website.