Broadcasters Motivation for Embedding a Live Radio Chat Room

You have a radio station. You are broadcasting every day, you spend the time and effort to create great content. But, how do you interact with your listeners? We will try to answer this question with emphasis on live radio chat room to engage your audience.

Some history, An English rock band, Queen released a song entitled ‘Radio Ga Ga’ in 1984. The song told a story of how television overtook the radio for entertainment and news broadcast.

Queen called it Radio Ga Ga when radio slowly became just a background noise. But… fast forward to 31 years, the time has passed and radio is still here and has evolved to become a more than just background noise. Now, advancement of Internet technology can arm radio station with live radio chat room to become more advanced.

Interactive Live Radio Chat Room

So, what do you need in order to embed a chat room into your live radio show or live event?

  1. You will need to signup at
  2. You get a code that you should copy and paste into your website
  3. You are done. It should appear on your website.

You can now, tweak and set your chat settings and behavior, like look & feel, what login types and more.

If you have a WordPress, you can use WordPress chat plugin so all these steps are not needed (all is done via the plugin).

live radio chat room widget

Do people still listen to the radio today?

Surprisingly, so many research conducted showed that huge percentage of people still listen to the radio. The majority of people are listening to the radio when driving a car or while performing other activities. Radio advertising also still works well to promote a product, especially for a specific target audience.

Radio has not become obsolete because of it’s convenient to listen casually. People do not have to dedicate their time to listen to the radio, unlike watching television or movie. With such comfort, radio still supplies its service to millions of people worldwide. Along with the advent of Internet radio broadcast in 1994, radio now can reach millions of people worldwide.

Although most people listen to radio casually, the first Internet radio broadcast was a radio talk show called Internet Radio Talk. It is necessary for Internet radio station to equip themselves with live radio chat room, to enable listeners to communicate interactively with the station.

Internet radio broadcast will surely need live radio chat room in order to get their listeners profile. In the days before Internet radio, there was a limited area for radio to be received, normally FM or AM radio broadcast could only have listened in one city area. However, with the Internet radio, such limitation is now broken.

A small town Internet radio that broadcasted from some remote place can be listened by people on the other side of the globe. It is now common for Internet radio station to have a dedicated listener in another country. Interactive chat and communication with listeners will give radio station better understanding of the people who listen to their station.

Chat Room to Reach Listeners

Now, here comes the question for a radio station of how to engage and reach out those listeners effectively. Since Internet technology has been used to broadcast radio program, why not utilize the same technology to reach listeners?

Using the same Internet technology, radio can now reach out the listener with live radio chat room. Rumble Talk with its eminent chat platform has provided the best platform for every station needs to furnish themselves with live radio chat room.

Availability of live radio chat room facilitates radio station, especially Internet radio station to connect to more listeners. Therefore, radio broadcast becomes more vibrant and dynamic with listeners’ interaction. Live radio chat room can be used for a song request, discussing a specific issue for radio talk show, or simply a casual chat room.

When Internet radio listeners have access to request song, a radio station will be able to understand the listeners’ preference.

They can provide a and deliver a better music program. On a talk show, radio talk show with chat room will generate deeper and augmented discussion of the topics, because listeners from around the world will surely have a different view of a particular issue.

A casual chat room will create a bond between listeners and radio station because listeners can interact with their favorite radio station and have a casual chat just like the old-time-radio that address their listeners casually.

Best Live Radio Chat Room

For that purpose, Internet radio station must select the best live radio chat room that suits their requirements. First, Internet radio chat room must be able to be accessed easily, provide less requirement to install an application in both radio station and listeners gadget is the desired requisite. Second, chat room should also be able to set up easily in radio station website to minimize the hassle of installation and configuration.

Third, A live radio chat room should help the radio station to reach listeners easily, instead of creating more tumult with installation, configuration and tiny details like users’ registration and maintenance.

Rumble Talk provided those three benefits, with its minimized primary steps to setup chat room for your radio station. Rumble Talk advanced platform requires no installation on radio station website. A simple registration process and a copy of code embedded on your website will give a chat room capability in an instant.

Rumble Talk provides more than just a chat room, we provide a chat platform for radio station needs. Our chat platform is capable to handle video or audio calls and a short audio message. With this audio message facility, radio DJ can ask listeners to send their audio message and broadcast them during live on-air.

For the security, we provide a top-notch enhanced security technology with SSL connection, plus the capability to block spam with our AntiSpam and Word Black List.

Our list of satisfied customers is an evidence of Rumble Talk capability to provide a live radio chat room. With Rumble Talk, a radio station will sing ‘Radio Ga Ga’ proudly, because Internet radio station is more than just “a background noise”, but the radio that will reach its finest hour.

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How to Improve Online Radio Stations

For better or worse, I have no need to own a radio. Between my smartphone, laptop and desktop I have no reason to spend my precious money on a device with such little versatility as a radio. If I want to listen to radio, I pull it up on one of my sophisticated electronic devices by visiting the station’s website.

Actually for the better. The Internet makes radio much more competitive and for this reason, better. Listeners are no longer limited to the radio waves in their area, and radio stations can potentially reach listeners around the world. Having more options has brought deserved capitalistic success to stations that create great radio, and forced those who are mediocre to up their game.

And in addition to the market advantages, having radio online gives DJ’s and hosts more opportunities and tools to engage with their listeners. When a listener opens a radio station’s website, they can browse the static information that is relevant to them, such as the schedule or host profile, at a time when they are ready to see it or can participate in live interactions with the show.

RumbleTalk has seen its radio clients benefit from the live interaction that occurs with group chat. Including a live group chat allows listeners and hosts to engage with each other in a public and immersive way. Read on to find out how live group chat improves online radio stations.

Turning Passive Listeners into Active Listeners

It is common to use radio as background noise; but just because a listener tuned into your station with that intent doesn’t mean you can’t convert them into an active user. Knowing and increasing how many listeners are actually active can increase the value of your advertising space whether that is in the form of an audio commercial or display ad. Even generally, it’s better for your station to be heard than to fall on deaf ears.

By including a live group chat in your website, your hosts will have many angles to direct users to your website. This pulls them from distractions like Facebook to your content and increases the value of your “digital real estate”.

For example, the host can upload and embed a video, audio, or video in the live group chat for listeners to comment on, or encourage listeners to send their questions, comments or song requests for live responses. If your station hosts a talk show, the live group chat is a great way to have listeners share their opinions on controversial issues. Stations can also use the live group chat to play trivia or other games.

Watching the Spectacle of Live Radio

There will be typically be people who just want to view the live discussion without participating. Forum style interactions give the sense that the user can return to it any time, but live group chat discussions create a sense of urgency to keep users engaged.

radio station live chat

The content of your live group chat from those who do actively participate in the discussion provides a value-add to the station as a whole. Those who are participating in the chat are generating free content for your other listeners to consume. And expert, interesting, or simply vocal users of the chat can be a driving force for returning listeners who are fascinated with watching the spectacle of a raw discussion.

Some producers will fear the potential for controversy, but controversy should not be overtly avoided. Controversy is a common factor in viral content and viral content is good for business.

However, most radio stations want to have the option to use effective moderation tools. Moderating with RumbleTalk is easy and can be done in steps. You can appoint as many moderators as you would like, create a list of words to be automatically filtered, view the IP addresses of chatters, kick out a chatter, and permanently ban a chatter.

High ROI

Live group chat is an investment with a high return. The reason for this is that listeners who feel emotionally connected to a station return and an emotional connection can easily be made from a human-to-human interaction.

The feeling of sitting in the room with their favorite radio host can be imitated when both the host and the listener are present in the same live group chat room. Alternatives to live group chat lack this human feeling of instantaneous interactions.

In addition to the host-listener relationship, listener-listener relationships are also created. This builds a community of people who feel connected to one another for their mutual interest in the station. That community bond is another driver for returning listeners.

Live group chat increases returning listeners and keep listeners glued to the station website for longer amounts of time. As discussed earlier this makes the value of your digital real estate increase, but what does it cost in the first place?

For a top-of-the-line professional live group chat room, stations can pay as little as $14 per month. This includes the ability to export chat transcripts and monitor how many listeners are logged into your chat. These can be used as resources to prove the extent of your station’s active users.

Choosing a Group Chat for Your Radio Station

While there are many live group chat options available, you’ll want to make sure you are choosing one that has is able to perform at a minimum the following functions:

The last point on that list is crucial to the professional appearance of your station. You don’t want to have to send your customers to a third party site or app in order to get them to participate. Think of it as having your listeners call your station rather than an outside call center. It makes a difference.

And since you will be including this chat on your website, you’ll also want it to be customized to aesthetically fit your website. Using RumbleTalk’s live group chat room has options for those that are novice web designers as well as CSS experts.

Of course, we’re biased because our team works endlessly to make sure that our group chat rooms have all the necessary tools and options to deserve a place in the twenty-first century.

Visit RumbleTalk’s website to get more information on product features, try a demo, and get started with a 7-day free trial.

Video Killed the Radio Star but the Internet Saved Him

It’s hard to write about radio without feeling nostalgic: as if radio were a thing of the past that met its unfortunate doom, the ominous Internet.

Of course, this is ludicrous because radio is alive and thriving today more than ever.

And RumbleTalk was there to help.

Radio adapted to the Internet

In 1979 the Buggles were singing about the tragedy “Video killed the radio star” but more than three decades later we still listen to radio.

This premonition was as accurate as the “futuristic” glitter hair worn in their video. Thank goodness that didn’t become a thing.

Also, the irony can’t be missed that radio was probably a better marketer of their song than that video, even as humorous as it is to watch.

The song could be rewritten today to say “Internet helped the radio star”, “Internet saved the radio star”, or even “Internet advanced the radio star.”

Today, you don’t even need an AM/FM channel to host a radio show. With the right software, the Internet is a full-fledged broadcasting platform.

That’s where RumbleTalk comes in.

Internet radio shows are now using group chat to engage with listeners in ways not possible prior to the wide use of the Internet.

I remember the days of calling in to comment on the topic of the hour, hoping to be the 10th caller to win tickets to the next concert, or simply calling to request a song.

Now these interactions can all be done with RumbleTalk group chat, and further, radio listeners can chat among each other. The conversation is open and accessible, no longer delayed by the speed of the call screener.

Just look at RadioNOPE to see how group chat works for their online radio show

RadioNOPE is an Internet rock ‘n roll radio station that has been a long time RumbleTalk customer.

Their group chat is embedded throughout their website to engage listeners on their homepage or while they are visiting the page of a specific show. Listeners can talk about the songs playing or interact directly with show hosts such as with Live from the Barrage, a favorite talk show hailing from Queens.

radio group chat
But don’t take my word for it…

Here’s what Conan, founder and self described “benevolent dictator” of RadioNOPE, had to say about RumbleTalk’s influence on the Internet radio station.

RumbleTalk is an integral part of the RadioNOPE experience. As a 24/7/365 streaming radio station that is heavily curated, the dialogue between station and listener is vital. Whether it is as simple as a listener asking information about the song that is playing, or just the shared experience of listening to things together, the chat takes RadioNOPE a cut above algorithm driven experiences like Pandora and its ilk, and the interaction has an extra level of engagement and surprise behind throwing on a Spotify playlist or putting a library on “shuffle”. This is true of the music shows, as well as the talk shows on the station, none more so than with the station’s flagship show “Live from the Barrage”, where listeners react with the hosts, guests, and each other with a special lexicon of in-jokes and phrases derived from the show itself.
RumbleTalk is how we elevate a simple website into one of the most carefully curated and awesome listening experiences on the Internet.

RumbleTalk for radio

The advantages of using RumbleTalk for radio are many.

Group chat is a necessary tool for a radio show to optimize listener engagement. With RumbleTalk, radio stations have a flexible platform that is easy to use for both you and your listeners.

You can have separate group chats for each show or one seamless experience throughout, use group chat for instantaneous dialog between show hosts and listeners as well as listener-listener.

Using group chat also captures just how many active listeners the show is reaching as opposed to just passive listeners. These numbers have many useful applications and can be helpful for higher advertising revenue.

And there’s one more thing, RumbleTalk loves radio. This means that as we continue to develop our product we’ll have you in mind and create features tailored especially for radio. That’s a service that just can’t be beat.

Visit our homepage or contact for more information on how RumbleTalk can improve your listener engagement.