What are the different rights of an admin user in a group chat?

Chat owners can assign admin users to their respective group chats. As the chat owner, it’s also good to appoint yourself as one.

Admins can do a lot of different things for the group chat. They may not be chat owners, but they also have power in the actual chat.

To demonstrate this, here are the different things that admins can do in a group chat.

Let’s start with the basics. Then, we’ll also discuss the special rights of an admin user.

Different things that an admin user can do in a group chat

First, let’s talk about the basic rights of an admin. These are the following:

  1. Admins can delete group messages;
  2. Ban IP addresses;
  3. Disconnect users.
  4. Clear all messages in the chat room;
  5. Have the option to enable admin mode.

First things first, all of these can only be done by admins. That’s why if you want to have these rights, be sure to appoint admins in a chat room.

So, let’s talk about each admin right. The first one is deleting group messages. This means that admins can delete messages in the same text box.


Secondly, admins can ban IP addresses. Of course, this is self-explanatory. Banning an IP address of another user means that the specific user cannot enter the group chat again unless the admins delete the IP address from the banned list.

community chat

The third one is a lesser equivalent of banning. Disconnecting a user means that the user will be immediately disconnected for the time being. Banning and disconnecting users can be used for spam, trolls, or anything negative that you don’t want in your group chat.

Clearing all messages in the chat room is also a handy right that only admins can do. So, in one click, admins can choose to delete all messages in the chat room. With that, they can also delete all private chat messages in one swoop.

mute button

Lastly, admin mode lets admins talk to each other in a group chat without worrying that a user will send a message in between. Since the admin mode only lets admins talk, non-admin users cannot send any messages in the group chat. Admins can use this for lectures, notifications, etc.

chat tool

So, that’s only the basic rights of an admin. What are the other rights? Let’s talk about some special ones.

Moderating a group chat

In a moderated chat, admins can approve or delete messages. However, non-administrator users will not be able to see their messages unless they get approved.

moderated chat

Using a moderated chat is advisable for live events, speaker-to-audience discussions, or conferences. The admins act as moderators of the chat.

Therefore, admins do not need the permission of other admins to send a message. When admins send a message, all users will immediately see the message.

remote team

Special administrator rights

Since we’ve shared the basic rights of an admin, here are the special rights of an admin user.

  1. Allow only admins to start a private chat;
  2. Start a video call;
  3. Export chat transcript
  4. Share files;
  5. Record audio and video messages.

These settings can usually be done by all users. However, you can also allow it for admins only. This is done to make your chat more manageable.

For the first one, you can see this option in the private chat options on your admin panel. Choose Only administrators can initiate conversations.


This means that the admins will be the only ones who can initiate private chat conversations.

For numbers 2, 4, and 5, you can see all settings in the Multimedia option on your admin panel.


By choosing for administrators only, this means that all the features above will only appear and work for admins.

Lastly, exporting a chat transcript can be made for admins only via Menu Options on your admin panel. You will see various settings here for the chat menu.

menu options

As you can see, there are a lot of options that you can enable for admins only. If you want a specific option for admins only, just choose Only admins can see.

This is not only limited to exporting a chat transcript. Therefore, play with the options and see what works best for your chat!

Adding more admins

Want to add more admins on your account? If yes, then upgrade your account! You can choose from different upgrades and adding admins is one of them. You can add up to 20 admins.

If you want to add more, then contact us directly on your admin panel or the website. Whichever works for you, we’ll be sure to respond ASAP.

We’ll see you on the next blog!

The Best Way for Online DJ’s To Engage Listeners

For online DJ’s, the task of growing an engaged audience is daunting. Getting people to listen to your music, know your name, and share your content is all dependent on setting yourself apart.

Many fall short in the way they engage their audience. Between Facebook, Twitter and email, you should be able to stay connected to your listeners, right? Unfortunately, these platforms put you in fierce competition with other interests. Using traditional social networks and email can downsize your message to be just a drop in a very full bucket.

In addition to social and email platforms keeping your audience engaged, use live chat to interact with listeners in real time and in a more authentic way which keeps them coming back for more.

dj group chatEngaging listeners through live chat lets them connect with you in a way that is beyond the cold feeling of an email newsletter or Facebook post. Listeners who develop a more personal connect to you are more likely to remember and return to your music.

The next challenge is in finding the right application. The ideal live chat platform will be easy to set up and easily accessible for you and your listeners. RumbleTalk is all of this and more. For online DJ’s, features like embedded videos and file sharing make RumbleTalk’s group chat an obvious choice.

Easy set up

Setting up a customized high powered live chat room can be done in just two minutes. By providing an email or linking to your Facebook account, RumbleTalk automatically generates a live and ready chat room with standard default settings.

(click here to sign up now!)

While this is ready to use, most online DJ’s will want to customize the chat for branding purposes. In the admin panel, you can upload a picture of yourself, your logo, or whatever image you prefer to be the background. Then you can customize the colors, font, borders and more to match your style.

If you’re familiar with CSS, RumbleTalk can be completely transformed with CSS customization while still retaining the power of the RumbleTalk infrastructure.

Access from anywhere

A RumbleTalk group chat room works in whatever way you want.

If you have a website, you can embed the chat room directly in one, some or all of your pages. You also have the option to have it sit within the page or float on top of it.

RumbleTalk will also give you a URL that can be sent to your listeners. This will open the group chat in a new tab. Your users can in turn share that URL with their friends to invite more people into the conversation. RumbleTalk has installed an option for users to be asked to share the chat room with their friends on Facebook and Twitter to make your audience even larger.

For online DJ’s with a large Facebook following, it is possible to connect your group chat with your Facebook page so that they are connected to the larger audience and not just the Facebook audience.

If you are performing a live show, printing the QR code on your gear is yet another way to add fans to the conversation. RumbleTalk is mobile friendly so your fans can chat at your show and on the go.

Avoid segmentation

If you want a central place for all of your listeners to be able to engage with you and with each other, live group chat is without a doubt the best solution.

In addition to putting your content in fierce competition with everything else that floods Facebook and Twitter, these platforms also separate your audience. The Twitter conversation and the Facebook conversations never intersect which divides your audience and limits how robust the conversation can be.

If you use your social media platforms as a way to give your listeners the link to your chat room, they’ll then be redirected to one you-focused conversation for everyone.

This way, you and your listeners can see the entirety of those who are listening and engaged with your music.

Live Streaming & Group Chat

Live streaming has become robustly more popular in 2016 and it’s expected that the ways it will used will boom. RumbleTalk has already seen customers using group chat in tangent to live streaming services and for this reason we’ll be taking a closer look at the advantages of doing so.

Live Streaming Today

In the last couple of years alone, companies like Facebook and YouTube have released free tools to live stream directly from your computer or phone. There’s no need to buy expensive software or equipment and this low cost barrier makes it accessible to just about everyone.

There are several companies that offer free live streaming now. Facebook Live and YouTube Live  are among the top providers and there’s also Twitter’s Periscope. For more professional (and paid) services, companies like Livestream, DaCast, and Ustream offer end to end features.

Without having properly tested the gambit of options out there, we’re not going to recommend one service over the other, but we would love to hear from our customers what they prefer. So if you do use a live streaming service for your organization or company, let us know!

Including Chat with Live Streaming

With the raw and connected feeling live streaming provides, it’s recommended to include your viewers in the experience by giving them an avenue to comment and participate.

Some live streaming platforms do offer chat services alongside their video stream, however these are oftentimes extremely limited. This is where RumbleTalk group chat becomes the best alternative.

RumbleTalk is a premium group chat services that offers a full range of bells and whistles not offered in basic chat services. Here’s a few examples:

  • Custom login options
    RumbleTalk gives chat owners the option to choose one, some, or all available login options; choose from anonymous, guest, Facebook, Twitter, and password protected users.
  • Live messages
    Most messaging applications used within a live streaming service are forum style. RumbleTalk group chats are live and instant to match the pace of the live stream. Some services limit the number of characters each comment can contain, for example: RumbleTalk allows 10 times more characters than YouTube and has no limit on how many messages can be sent in a certain time frame.
  • File/Image/Video sharing
    In some cases, you’ll want your audience to be able to share more than just characters. With RumbleTalk, users can upload files, share images, and even embed videos. But this is just the beginning. A RumbleTalk group chat has features for just about every type of communication.
  • You control when the conversation begins and ends
    RumbleTalk group chats are turned on and off by you, the administrator, whereas some services only offer the option to chat during the live stream, RumbleTalk group chats can start before and go on after the live stream has ended.
  • Archiving and further use
    A RumbleTalk transcript can be archived and exported for further use. We have customers who use the HTML transcript after the fact to increase their SEO/SERP results with this keyword rich content.

When is RumbleTalk Right for You?

A majority of live streaming scenarios don’t require all the perks of RumbleTalk group chat. So when is it right for you?

We’ve found two conditions that make RumbleTalk a good choice for live streaming.

First, your live stream must be active on your website. If you are only broadcasting on YouTube or Facebook or any other live streaming service, then you’ll have to stick with their commenting service.

However, if you embed the live stream on your website (click here for instructions on this for Facebook and YouTube) then you can also embed your RumbleTalk group chat alongside it. You’ll be able to customize the group chat (with our admin panel or CSS) to match the look and feel of your website.

If you’re considering whether it’s worth it to embed the video and chat, consider the impact you’ll have on your sales or call to action when you keep your customers on your website rather than sending them away. Plus, we’ve made it simple to customize and embed.

And second, your viewer’s participation must be important. Bluntly put, if you don’t care about your viewers comments or if your viewers don’t care about the larger community participating in the live stream, then RumbleTalk may not be right for you.

However, if you are using a live stream to connect viewers in a more tangible way, you’ll want to give them the best platform to fully express themselves. That’s where RumbleTalk comes in.

By giving your viewers a live group chat with all the perks listed above, you’ll enable a dynamic discourse to take your live stream to the next step. You’ll get more engagement and out of your viewers and your viewers will get more value from your live stream.

For more information, pricing, product features and demos  visit the RumbleTalk  website or contact support(at)rumbletalk(dot)com.