Organize Your Next Event With A Group Chat

Do you remember the days before live streaming was a trend?
When we wanted to organize a live event, we started building a groundwork to promote an event. We printed brochures, placed print advertising, and even television ads when the cost is feasible.

However, today, with social media and the internet, we can use them to promote our event. We are also able to monitor them anywhere we are. This is where a group chat comes in.

Live events are now reachable through social media. There are a lot of social media pages wherein you can hold a live event of your own. But, for a live event to be successful, you need to moderate it. With the use of online tools and solutions, you can manage to do that easily.

Some available social event management today offers the convenience of creating, promoting, and managing any kind of event. Whether it be a conference, exhibition, festival, gathering or social events, there’s always a solution on social media. However, we will see how Rumble Talk fills in the gaps where those social event managements are missing.

Group Chat for a Successful Event

There are many challenges when you’re working as an event organizer. These include managing successful events that need clear communication, excellent organization skills, and detail-oriented preparation for the operation. What is necessary for attracting and engaging participants to attend the events?

First, you always need clear communication. Second, organization skills are needed to ensure teamwork and cooperation. This lets the event organizer prepare things smoothly and flawlessly. Third, detail-oriented preparation is required from start to finish because event management is a hectic job to do.

All event organizers know that managing events is a daunting task. They are familiar with such hustle and bustle, and all that to understand how to manage a successful event. But with all those, is it the same with creating an event using social media?

It’s time that we take a closer look at social media as our tool for successful event management. How can social media really help us to create a more successful event and gather a wider audience? This is a question we need to answer.

chat for live event

Use of Social Media

Even though social media has been doing its best to ease event management, it still needs improvement in some aspects. What do you think it needs? Social media only works in the pre-event period of the event. Social media event management can only promote the event, manage the registration, and monitor the participants. That’s basically it. When the event is happening, social media is practically idle.

Through the internet, we can use video or audio streaming to broadcast the event. However, streaming has its limits. we can use platforms like Twitter to give an account of the event, but the audience is unable to respond in real time. Therefore, a group chat is needed to ensure a successful event. That’s when we come in. We fill in the blank spots left by either live-streaming technology like Twitch and live-tweets by Twitter.

With our top-of-the-line technology for web chat platform, RumbleTalk provides the best chat for all kinds of live events you manage and organize. We provide event organizers the cutting-edge technology to bring their events to a wider audience.

Why do we need a group chat?

Although social media has become a huge factor in our lives, event management still needs to explore more of the internet to manage a successful event. A chat for live event is what every event organizer needs because we’ve seen shortcomings of live streaming websites and social media in managing live events over the internet. The only feasible solution is to add a group chat. This, together with video streaming and social media, is the killing combination for live events.

Talk shows, seminars, conferences, discussion, what do all of these have in common? All these events have speakers and a Q&A session, where a chat is surely needed. When the event is broadcasted live through video streaming or social media, attending the event is made possible.

Audience reach is through the roof because of the internet because anyone around the world can tune in. In turn, real-time feedback is made possible through a chat room. Moreover, chat for live events provides the convenience for remote viewers to submit a question in the Q&A session. For instance, a moderator can submit questions directly to the speaker, and the speaker can answer the question via chat room or answer the question directly via live stream.

This will let the event’s organizer serve both audiences, namely, those who attend the event in place and those who attend the event remotely. For the audience in the event’s venue, they can have the pleasure of viewing the event live at the location. For the remote audience, the combination of live streaming and group chat will give them a convenient way to interact with the event.

Running Your Group Chat

As discussed, a group chat is a must. We give you two options to run a live event with a chat.

  • Group chat – This is the normal chat that we see and use every day. To start a group chat, each member must log-in. After that, they can start chatting as usual!

Just choose group chat on your admin panel. Then, members just need to log-in and they can type any message they want!

chat for live event

Here’s an example of how a group chat would look like. Neat, no?

chat for live event
  • Moderated chat – The moderated chat lets you keep the chat safe. How? The admin needs to approve messages before it can be sent out.

To activate the moderated chat, just choose moderated chat as your chat type. This is great when you want to delete inappropriate messages before they get sent out.

moderated chat

Here’s an example of how a moderator approves or deletes messages. You see that there are check and cross boxes on the right-hand side of the message box. It’s simple. You just need to click them to approve or delete the message. This minimizes mishaps or negative messages in the chat. You can also avoid inviting harassers and spammers in the chat.

q&a live session
admin view

The group chat is in parallel with your event. The great thing with group chat is it’s also available on smartphones! Your audience just needs to open their mobile browser and copy the link. A group chat gives an audience reach that’s undeniable.

chat for live event

Benefit of RumbleTalk Chat Platform

The hustle and bustle of preparing a live event are surrounded by logistics and event preparation. It is the law of nature that, when you organize a bigger event, you need to prepare more. You need to take care of a bigger event venue, more food and refreshments, more parking space for attendance, more challenges in traffic and transportation, and many others. This is just the start.

When you inform the audience to attend and communicate your live event via RumbleTalk chat, those setbacks will not happen. You can handle even larger events and audience without having to worry on bigger logistics issue. You can use your current venue, your present food catering, and parking space. At the same time, you can reach a wider audience for your live event. That’s the most important benefit that the RumbleTalk group chat gives. If you want to create your own chat for live events, then you can create one here: Create your own group chat.
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Case Study: Special Live Event

It was a great pleasure to once again be part of SolarWinds’ event, THWACKcamp.

As a platform, we do not always know what our group chats are used for. But in this event held by Solar winds, we were involved in the process long before the event (creating the mention feature). The company used RumbleTalk at their THWACKcamp event for the second year.

During the event that included many chats going on in parallel (with hundreds of chatters in each), we monitored the platform closely and found some of the subjects very interesting. The speakers were engaging and the participants were extremely involved.

So, What Was the THWACKcamp Event All About?

Well, THWACK has thousands of users who regularly exchange ideas and solutions with respect to SolarWinds’ products. Chances are that if you are trying to create a complex alert and having issues, there is a THWACK user who has already solved that issue. In addition, SolarWinds employees from Support, Development, and Product Management regularly interact with SolarWinds product users on THWACK, so they may also be able to help a customer solve a technical problem and/or challenges.

During the event, there were various topics that were discussed, how to’s, and future development.

Once again, it was great to be part of the event this year, and we are already looking forward to THWACKcamp 2018!

Using a Group Chat for University Live Event

A campus life in university is a life full of possibilities and plenty of excitements. For student attending university, there are so many things to do, and yet so little time. Sports events, music show, sorority or fraternity gathering, special interest club meetings and many other activities aim to enrich the quality of student life.

One of the most interesting item we encounter during our short years in campus is the abundance of university live event. There is no single day passes by without an event takes place. Whether a sports, musical performance, cultural expose, performing arts, exhibitions, and  even a protest or demonstration.

With so many interesting things happen in university campus, it is common for campus to have their own media publication like newspaper, magazine, radio station and TV station. Usually, students are the ones who run that publications and they cover campus life and event.

University Live Event

However, Internet as publication media still remains unknown territory for university students. There are some efforts to explore Internet as communication media, but most of them ended up to be a business. Facebook is one example of the campus media that become a huge business. In the beginning, Facebook humble beginning was a Harvard and Ivy League universities social media network before it begin its journey as a public social media network.

Live event chat room design

It seems that Internet must be used solely as a publication media, similar to campus newspaper or radio and TV station. Nowadays, Internet as publication media hold new technology which available with the new HTML5 standard. As new standard in web presentation HTML5 design focus on its support to multimedia presentation on web browsers. Hence, Internet technology is now capable to provide chat room with multimedia chat like audio and video chat.

Previously, chat room require application to be installed in a computer. However, thanks to HTML5 new standard, this technology is available in to be delivered to web browsers. A company with high pitch of technology can develop sophisticated application platform that enable a chat program on web browser.

When group chat is attached to any university live event, you can be sure there will be a surge of visitors and audience come to that event. The reason is because of students need medium to express their feeling, ideas and sometimes anger and a group chat is a great media to accommodate them.

Why Chat Room for University Live Event

A university live event always attract students attention, and students always has a lot to say about things they are attracted to. It seems they always have a comment for almost everything and they need a media to express that things to say. Group chat platform technology can arm university live event to accommodate that excessive needs from the students.

Group chat will attract student to state their mind about issues that they concern about. A group chat on a web chat platform surely suits their needs. One main reason is the absence of installation  and setting up. Chatting can be initiated only with a web browser.

Furthermore, web chat must have synchronized chat technology. This will allow event organizer to have the same chat room in multiple pages in multiple campus web sites. Let us say, an event organizer for a university live event want to have a chat room in its Facebook page and also in its event websites and campus website. They can install the same chat room in those places, so they can have multiple chat room thus enlarging the range of audience. Those who land on Facebook page, on the event website or browsing through campus website can see the chat room activity at the same time. They also can join the chat room right at the moment easily, without having to go to another website.

Securing University Online Event

Although sometimes chat room, especially when students cram the chat room, it can contain gibberish message or spam from the visitors. There is always irresponsible people who will try misuse the chat room and spreading spam in the chat room, with whatever reason they have. Especially those who oppose an occasion like a particular university live event. They will surely try to do anything with their might to cancel the event to occur. However, such irresponsible behavior should never be tolerated. Therefore, a group chat must have a top of the line security protection.

In order to install chat platform as to equip any university live event, it is a very good thing to always ensure the security measure provided by the chat platform. Especially in its capability to handle spam and inappropriate message. First, it must have a strengthened security technology and the latest SSL. Second, it has to be equipped with anti spam technology and words blocking to blacklist unwanted words and preventing chat room abuse.

With those considerations in mind, you can rest assured anytime you arrange university live event, it will always be a successful one.