3 Reasons to use a hosted chat room on your website

Many webmasters used to install a chat room software for their customers, company websites. In today’s world, there are much better solutions than actually downloading, configuring, installing, maintaining a chat.  Now there are hosted chat room services.

A chat room installation could create a huge headache for webmasters and chat room owners to a degree that it potentially harm their businesses. We will discuss in here why you should use a hosted chat room vs installing a chat software !!!

hosted chat room vs chat software script

Email you do not want to get from your Hosting company during a live event.

This is an email from one of our customer that used to have a chat software.
He got this disturbing email and was forced to stop a live chat event as a result of an installed chat room:

I installed a chat room script and used it for a 2 hour broadcast. There were 6 people on the chat and maybe 20 messages in total were exchanged.

Within a short period, my host, took my entire site down because they say the Chat function was creating 20,000 queries per minute and that it was using all the system resources of the server. Also, it was not obvious to me how to uninstall the script and I had to get my developer to fix it.

Can you believe it? it can ruin your business and reputation.  It is outrageous !!!

Ok, let’s dig into it and understand why this happened.

Reason 1 – The fact is that Hosting companies prevent customers from installing a Chat Room on their servers

To understand why hosting companies do not like chat rooms, we need to understand first what hosting companies does. Web sites are installed on a server, so hosting companies want to install as many sites on one server. Sometimes, a small server machine with 1 CPU server may host over 2000 websites.

Sounds strange? well, this is what happen normally in a shared hosting machine!

Now, a chat room is a heavy CPU and memory consumer and as such consume enormous part of the server resources. The result might slow down the entire server. This means that 2000 websites are going down because of one chat room.

In oppose to a chat software script,  A Hosted chat price is simple, clear and never change due to unexpected hidden costs.

Reason 2 – Overall chat software scripts tend to be expensive

Yes, it sure is!
The cost of a chat room script should be calculated by the peripheral costs.

In addition to the cost of the script itself, one should know he will need to host it on a server. If more than 25 chatters are needed, than a dedicated server is preferred. For high load chat rooms, you will need a stronger server (like 4 CPU’s and 16 GB memory) or several parallel servers if the chat software architecture allows it.

Of course, take into consideration that someone will need to install the chat software, maintain it and deal with different aspects of the configuration, settings and dealing with malfunctions. Time is a major factor as well. You spend

Time is a major factor as well. You spend a lot of time to read and install the software. Now normally it takes even more time to do it right.

In oppose to chat script,  A Hosted chat service is normally very…VERY… simple to add to your website, just put a piece of code in your HTML and you are all done.

Reason 3 – Technical – why hosted chat room?

When you install a chat room on your website, chatter will access the chat room and by doing that they will share resources that are used to operate your website, database..etc.

This means that if the chat is heavily loaded (it does not take a lot to load a chat software as it uses your machine resources) your website and database will be extra slow.

A chat room software script installed on your website is not as robust as professionals hosted chat room service. There are no load balancers and there is no backup for your website and for the conversation transcript.

In oppose to chat software script,  A Hosted chat room is not sharing your website resources (e.g CPU, memory, bandwidth)  and is totally separated from the website you run.

hosted chat room style

Hosted chat room is pretty awesome when you want to change your chat look and feel, style it up with your own flavor and embed in two minutes. Try it now.

How to Assign Custom Images as Backgrounds for Your chat box?

Many customers have been asking how to change the chat box background image.
This is a quick instruction on how to do it.

The options of designing your own chat box are endless (fonts, borders, thickness, background, colors). However, It is easier to start with simple approach: choose your own chat box template from the current theme library. Than change the background image to give your chat box a luxurious look.

In order to change your background image you need
1 – Login to your admin panel with your own user/pass.
2 – Go to your chat box settings to the Advance design area.
3 – Insert the External Background URL of your image and click Save. You will then see that specific area of the image displayed in the preview chat.
4 – Save once you are happy with the image and with the positioning of it.


1 – You can control any aspect and setting of your chat box. Which mean that you can change the background image or change part of the chat box background .
In order of doing so, please go to the desired tab in the advance design screen.
2 – You can control the position of the image by adding values (numbers) into the “position” fields.
3 – You can change the image while chatting to give a new “atmosphere” to the conversation.

It is simple to give your chat box a custom look. It only takes 1 minute to do so and that without any html, CSS knowledge.

Chatroom for live stream video in F5.com Event

In the past year, we see more events that require mass chat rooms to deal with thousands of simultaneous chatters. Those events usually have a live stream video and RumbleTalk chat room next to it.

Lately, F5.com, a leading security company choose to implement a chat room next to a live USstream video in their April 2014 event. In those events thousands of users can participate in a live conversation and share their view about the video broadcast tutorial.