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How to change your chat background?

1. Open the admin panel

Click on Design > Advance Design.

2. Choose what to change

You can change each area individually.

The general, user list, chat area, dialog box and text box areas all share the same color and image selection controls.

The message area has only color controls, but up to 16 colors can be set.

3. General, user list, chat area, dialog box and text box

The general tab sets the background that appears behind the chatroom, and is visible through any areas with transparent backgrounds.

All the other areas are on top of the general background, and will show the general background if their background is set to transparent.

4. Setting a background color

Click on the color to open the color picker. Choose the color you want to apply.

background color

5. Setting a background image

The image must be hosted online – grab the address for the image and paste it into the box shown.

customize chat room

6. The message background

This sets the background color that appears behind the individual messages, up to 16 colors may be selected – they will be used in a ’round-robin’ way.

7. You can reset any changes by reapplying the skin

Switch to the ‘Skin’ tab, choose a skin you want and approve the change.

8. Advanced users can control the style and appearance further by editing the CSS.

Control the mobile and web look and feel using css. For advanced users only.

Here’s a video on how you can change your chat background.