Case Study: Customers Designing their own Tool-bar Chat Icon

RumbleTalk chat room can be added to a website or blog in 2 ways.

Embedded chat Room in a page

Add a chat room as part of the page, as can be seen in here

Tool-bar chat Room
A second option is  floating tool-bar chat room, which is the “jumping” green icon in our homepage. Clicking on it will open the chat room for a group discussion.


Since we launched the ability to customize the chat room floating Icon 8 months ago, we saw that thousands of chat rooms used it to created their own style . Here are some examples from our customers.

  • Some chose to use small and delicate icons that are “jumping” up and down based on the floating chat settings.
  • Some chose to use a bigger versions of the floating chat icon.
  • Some used simple Icons without text.
  • If you want to set your own Icon with your own style, you can follow this quick steps.

Step 1: go to the admin panel –> in the chat settings section the new tab called, floating.
Step 2: Set your own icon and width, height and bounce rate.


Chatroom for Travel Agents around the world

We were proud to host several high volumes chat box conversations for travel agents around the glob. The event was organized by AIDA Cruises that used the chat rooms to engage their travels agents from various countries.

It is common for companies to use several chat rooms to engage their audiences.
We recently had an event for a fashion company that decided to divide their event to six different chat rooms, each in different languages with different moderators. Other Companies tend to divide there audiences per product and launch a chat room for each product or service.

Companies with large audiences find chat room for events to be a very powerful tool. This provides them a better way to “feel” there audience and engage in real time.
Above all, it is cost effective tool that can be easily justified toward management.


A celebrity enter a chat room

“A celebrity enter a chat room” It almost sounds like a starting of a joke.
But it isn’t? more an more celebrityes tend to communicate with their fans via chat rooms.

Engaging fans is a natural demand from fans clubs and general audiences. But as popular you are, the more complex it becomes to meet your audience. The online arena presents some ways to engage people via the online domain (e.g Twitter or Facebook).

However, it is interesting that real-time group chatting is becoming popular for live events. We actually find a trend to use real-time communication chat box in addition to twitter and Facebook.

What is even more interesting is that chat rooms are not limited to websites and blogs but often added to Facebook fan/business page. For example when a Rock Star wish to launch his new album. He simply create a live event page in Facebook and add a real time chat room to one of the tabs. The chat room is perfect for mass discussion and can help with hosting thousands of chatters simultaneously.

The main advantages of using a chat room for events are:
1 – A chat room is an easy way to control the conversation (moderators)
2 – Users can login anonymously, which is often is an important demand from users.
3 – At the end of the event, the chat room can be removed.
4 – Simple, easy and cost effective.
5 – Talk also in private within the group chat with any fan that you like, send images, text, videos and much more.

Over than 20% of RumbleTalk chat rooms are used for events. We found that chat rooms are highly effective tool for engagement in events.