How Podcasts Utilize A Group Chat


Podcasts are a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with people who have the same tastes. This is also a good way to get a conversation started.

Opinionated friends or individuals use podcasts to comment on topics that they want to voice their opinion on. It can be good or bad decisions made by an individual or sharing their previous experiences. No topic is off-limits. In a podcast, anything goes. So, how can a chat work for podcasts? 

Let’s talk about how it works from different perspectives.

Why group chats for podcasts?

Podcasts start a conversation. For your audience to share their input, get a chat next to your podcast stream. You can connect with your audience and this lets them stay curious about your next episodes. 

By creating a genuine connection, you will gradually start having deeper conversations. When you engage your audience this way, you can get great content ideas and clips for your future podcasts.

For creating a community

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When you embed a group chat next to your podcast, it will start conversations between listeners. This conversation picks up and lets you build a community.

Your community will work towards the betterment of your podcast. It may be your topics, conversations, or overall community. Sometimes it’s the community that strengthens your audience reach.

Because of the hearsay about your community, this can lead to other people joining in. Then, your podcast will grow along with your community.

For widening your audience reach

See how your community is growing? You can use this time to create a connection with your visitors. Start interesting topics and talk to them as if they’re long-time listeners.


You can also start a poll to see what they would like to see in the future. Ask about next episode ideas, skits, or topics that can be talked about. Look at how your audiences interact and, based on that, see their comments on certain topics. Don’t be out of touch.

How to embed a chat next to your podcast stream

There are two ways in which you can embed a group chat next to your podcast. 

The first one is through a floating chat wherein it will not disrupt your website page since it will be placed on top of your page design. You can place it on the bottom left or right corner of your page.

website chat

The second option is embedding it on your site as part of your page’s design. When you choose to embed it on your site, this will show on your page as an embedded element.

hosted group chat

Follow these instructions to embed a chat.

  1. First, create a RumbleTalk account or sign in to your account if you already have one.
  2. Go to Embed.
  3. Select if you want your chat as an embedded one or a floating one. Decide on the size, where it will be placed, and other embedding details.
  4. Lastly, copy and paste the given code on your site.

Then, you’re done! It will now appear next to your podcast. If you’re using a website host that has plugins, you may check out the plugins page.

Using a group chat next to your podcast

A group chat can help your podcast in lots of ways. When your podcast is at its running time, then that’s where you talk to your listeners about the topic being discussed.

You can also leave the chat open for your community if they want to talk about the podcast episode. Then, you can export the chat transcript to save all the conversations that happened when you were gone. Use this data for your future episodes.

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