Handling your remote team with a group chat


The new normal has affected many businesses and companies, leading them to a shift to a digital medium. Now that you have your remote team, how can you establish a continuous and new way of communication?

As it wasn’t as common before the pandemic, we’re sure you’re still finding ways to run as a remote team. Managing a team is already hectic, but managing it online is more challenging.

So, how do you make it work? Good question. Let’s talk about different scenarios and how you can use a group chat to function as a team.

1. Sharing insights

Chat type to use: Group chat

This is one of the day-to-day scenarios. You talk with your team and check what’s happening to each of them. Then, they share their work, what they’re going to do next, and even just catching up.

For this, a group chat is the best way to go. In a group chat, anyone on your team can talk with each other. As long as they’re part of a chat room, they can communicate freely.

2. Providing charts, resources, or other documents

Chat type to use: Group chat

Within your team, sometimes you share documents that you need for work. This is also possible in a group chat.

chat platform

Your team can attach different file formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, and more. Also, sharing images, audio recordings, and videos are also possible. Therefore, use this to your advantage and your team can work remotely.

3. Discussing sensitive information

Chat to use: Private chat

In any chat type, there’s a private chat where your team can communicate privately. Also, there are private chat options you can choose from to limit who can talk to each other. This is just optional.

private chat options

If you want a private chat with each of your team members, you can also opt for an expert’s chat. The expert’s chat works as a private chat only and no group chat function.

In a private chat, you can discuss things like promotions, feedback, and any sensitive info that you don’t want to talk about in your group chat. Also, in a private chat, you can hold one-on-one audio and video calls. These are features only available in a private chat.

virtual meeting

As a remote team, members also need a private chat for topics like this. So it’s good to have a private chat.

4. Holding a Q&A session

Chat type to use: Moderated chat

Want to have a group meeting through a Q&A? Holding a Q&A session can address the questions for your team in one go.

If you’re the acting admin, you can choose what questions will be answered first. Doing so will let other team members see the question on their respective chats. Unapproved questions will not show up in other non-admins’ chats.

remote team

As an admin, you can also delete messages if you have to. These may be questions not related to work or an irrelevant question about the topic.

5. Holding a live stream

Chat to use: Moderated chat + Rumble Pages

Sometimes, live streaming is necessary to make advancements in workload, addressing issues, or discussing general info. With Rumble Pages, you can chat and hold a live stream via YouTube Live.

remote team

The stream can be about anything work-related like Q&As, an event with the higher-ups, or a motivational speech by a speaker. This depends on how your team will utilize it.

Managing your remote team through a group chat

In the previous years, you wouldn’t have thought that remote work would be possible. However, the world is constantly changing. So, we learn to adapt.

Through the circumstances that have happened, remote work has been pushed. Now, remote teams are rampant. Fortunately, chat platforms are there to help us adjust.

As businesses and companies are shifting, we are doing our part in this change. Visit RumbleTalk on Facebook and Twitter to know more about our features and products that you can use in the new normal.