Q&A chat mode: a civilized discussion for your community


Q&A chat, when you want to engage your audience with a secured chat where every message is approved.

With a Q&A chat, you may turn on message moderation to have messages approved or blocked before they’re sent to the rest of the group.

What is a moderated Q&A chat?

moderated chat

This is a chat referred to as “moderated chat”. To moderate means to preside over. With a moderated chat, an admin pre-approves messages before they get sent out.

Any appointed admin can approve or delete a message. Non-admin members of the chat can only send messages. Additionally, they are not able to see other messages of other members of the chat before they are approved.

With that said, let’s discuss the two views on a Q&A chat.

The two users and their views

Before discussing the two views, let’s tackle the two types of users in a moderated chat.

  • Firstly, we have the admin users. The admins see all of the messages sent in the chat room. They serve as the moderator of the chat, approving or deleting any message. In conclusion, they choose what appropriate questions or messages that the speaker will answer.
  • Secondly, we have non-admin users or chatters. These are individuals who are ordinary members of the chat. This means that they have no authority in the chat room. So, they depend on the admins to approve their messages. Moreover, they cannot see unapproved messages sent by other chatters.

Moving on, let’s talk about the two views. Views here mean the perspectives of the two users above. Here are their differences.

  • For the admins, they can see everything that’s happening in the chat room. From good questions to negative ones, the admins see all. Therefore, it is their task to choose the appropriate ones to approve. All malicious or harmful messages can be deleted.

  • Next up is the chatters’ perspective. As said above, chatters are permitted to send messages only. They cannot see other chatters’ messages, let alone approve one. So, here’s an example of a chatter’s view.
moderated chat

How can you get your own Q&A chat?

Intrigued? Well, I can’t blame you. It’s very useful for live events, Q&A events and communicating with your followers in general. This is how you can get your own Q&A chat.

  • Firstly, create an account on the RumbleTalk website. Just click “Sign-up” on the upper right corner of the page.
  • Secondly, choose moderated chat as your preferred chat type.
  • Then, open your chat and check if the moderated chat works properly.
  • If you’re logged in as an admin user, you will see all the messages in the chat room. Each message will be accompanied by check and cross boxes on the right side (see example above).
  • If you’re logged in as a chatter, then check if you can send messages. Approve the message as an admin and see if it appears in the chat. Delete the message an admin and see if it doesn’t appear.
  • After that, you’re all set! You can now start a Q&A session with your followers.
  • NOTE: Approved questions will appear normally in the chat. Deleted questions are gone forever. Chatters, if their messages are approved or deleted, will not be notified. They will just see it in the chat.

Advantages of having a moderated chat

moderated chat
  1. Hold a live event directly on your site or on your page.
  2. Creating an account is easy. There are only simple steps.
  3. Strengthen your relationship and rapport with your followers.
  4. Change chat types with just a click. In addition, you can change chat types anytime.
  5. Moreover, the best advantage of your website is adding paid access. Through this, you can gain income. To add activate monetization, just choose “paid moderated chat” as your chat type. Then, set your preferred prices and payment times.
  6. If you need more automatic chat moderation, then you can use the block and filter words feature.
  7. Lastly, there’s also chat moderation features for admins. Admins can ignore and disconnect chatters that are creating a commotion. Also, admins can ban IP addresses for persistent troublemakers.

With features like these, you take control of your chat and achieve a civilized discussion with your community.

A civilized discussion for your community

The Q&A chat can help create a safe space for your community. You protect them from harmful messages from other chatters. Public chats always have this problem. So, it’s best to have a counterattack for these kinds of issues.

That’s where the Q&A chat comes in. As a chat owner, you control what’s happening in the chat room. By appointing admins by your side, you strengthen the security of your chat. Therefore, chatters feel safe in the chat.

By having a website, it’s a must. This is your way of communicating with your audience. Interested in what other offers RumbleTalk has? Then, check out the blog to know more. Also, you can check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for news and other media!

So glad you read up to here! Hope you can read the next one! Stay tuned for more updates and releases!