How psychics use RumbleTalk chat with their psychic predictions?


Online Psychic advice is common. Most of the psychics in the developed world are done online. There are 4 major options for doing so.

  • A chat – text chat between two people
  • A live call – voice calls
  • A live video chat – Video call between two people
  • A group chat – where an adviser can give advice over chat.

The most common option is a text chat, most feel comfortable with the anonymity of a private call.

Psychics in general, are having a hard time to offer their service online because of the lack of tech knowledge and the number of platforms they can use.

Now, with our new Experts’ chat, we can help psychics to charge their customers over chat.

Expert’s chat features that can help you in offering a psychic prediction

Now, you can add a chat to any website in 2 minutes. Other than that you can charge a fee to your time. 

We only charge a 10% fee for every transaction. This means that psychics keep 90% on their end. 

If you’re still in doubt, here are some of our features that you can use for your psychic prediction.

  1. Chat messaging – You can use this feature to chat with your client anytime, anywhere. People these days are usually on the go so they tend to go for the simplest option. We know you are too, so this is the best option for you and your box
  2. Audio calls – You can call your customer if he/she wants to talk on the chat room. With this option, you can give more readings more clearly as you now hear his/her voice. This will let you build rapport (or a connection) with your customers. As a result, your business can now be shared through word of mouth. This is how Starbucks became popular, and you know how popular Starbucks is. 
    voice call
  3. Video calls – In a psychic prediction, sometimes you need a picture of your customer. This is like having your imagination come to life. By video calling him/her, you immediately see him/her, leading to a more productive conversation. In addition to that, another advantage is you can see the body gestures and facial expressions of your customer, which leads to a better and accurate prediction. In turn, your client will come back for more readings. I know that I will also appreciate a reading that’s in-depth and for me to see the process of chat


You can use all of these features with no additional charges! In combination with our fair fee, this is an excellent deal!

We help you grow and gain traction

psychic prediction


For you to use expert’s chat for your psychic prediction, you need to register first. Not only that, but we also have other features for you to explore. 

Another notable feature about expert’s chat is using paid access, meaning you can set your prices for entrance/subscription. If you want to know more about that (of course, money is always good), then read our previous article about using chats as an income stream. You’re welcome!

paid access


In this article, we are mainly focused on expert’s chat, but you can discover the other features on your own. These features are a lot, so take time exploring them! If some are to your liking, then try them as well!

If you find yourself needing more seats (this means the number of people in your chat room), then you can always upgrade your chat room. Now, I know what you’re going to say, “You’re also making me pay, what makes you special?” Well, you’re not wrong about that. BUT, that’s a big but there, we offer these upgrades for a reasonable price. And if you don’t want to, we’re not forcing you to. 

This is just an additional option for users who do want to add some seats and chat rooms to their default plan. The default plan is already enough for a lot of people, so don’t sweat it! We’re not making you pay us!


For other concerns or information, do not hesitate to connect with us. You can contact us through our website or our social media sites.