How To Duplicate a Chat Room in RumbleTalk New Admin Panel?


Ever wondered how you can copy your chat design? Now, you can duplicate a chat room with a click of a button.

RumbleTalk new admin panel has a new button that can copy your current chat design and settings. This duplication option allow you to save time by setting sone chat to your liking and then creating a copy with a click.

What are the advantages of duplicating a chat?

  1. TIME – If you use the duplicate button, you will shorten the time for creating a new chat. Duplicating a chat has never been easier.
  2. The duplicate option is not only for duplicating chat design but also for other items, from chat settings to monetization features.
  3. Furthermore, because RumbleTalk opts for ease of usage and functionality, you can spend less time searching the internet for designs and how you can make your chat room pleasing to the eyes. Instead, you can just duplicate it and rename it depending on its use.

How to duplicate a chat room?

If you’re a frequent user of RumbleTalk, you may already know that we have our new admin panel. The new admin panel has brought in new features to go with it. One is to duplicate your chat.

Here is a step-by-step overview for duplicating your chat.

  1. In your new admin panel, you will see the “Duplicate” button in the upper right corner. Click on that.duplicate
  2. After clicking, you will be shown a window where you can choose to name your duplicate chat. Think of a name that you will remember!duplicate chat
  3. In that window, you will see “Advance options.” Click on it to proceed.advance optionsBy clicking it, you will see all the options you can duplicate. Here are the following options you can duplicate:advance
    • Chat settings – basic chat settings;
    • Design – chat design;
    • Banned IP addresses – list of banned IP addresses;
    • Monetize – paid access settings.
  4. To duplicate a chat room’s features, check on the box you would like to copy. In this example, “Design” is checked. Therefore, only the design of the chat will be copied in the
  5. Then, click on “Duplicate” to proceed.duplicate chat design



And voila, you have duplicated your chat design! Now, you can see your duplicated chat in the list of chat rooms you have in “Selected chat.”


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