How to Private Chat & Call during a Group Chat Discussion?


Today’s technology in chatroom has an enhanced security ‬and privacy in public chat-room.‭ ‬As chat platform technology gets more advanced,‭ ‬we can have a private chat in in public chat room.‭ ‬Let‭ ‬us learn how to do a private chat in a public chat room.

Starting Private Chat

Normally,‭ ‬the chat room is full with people and they are busy talking about the topic ‬discussed in the chat room.

Chat Room

In order to have a private conversation between you and your colleague,‭ ‬you can click on your friend’s name on the list of people in the chat room.

Starting Private Conversation

A floating window will appear ‬above the main chat window that will open a private chat with your friend.‭ ‬Then you can have private conversation with your friend.

Floating Window

Making  Audio and Video Call

If you take a look at the top right corner,‭ ‬you will see a button ‬that enable you to ‬make Audio Call and Video Call.

Audio Vide Call

Click on‭ ‬the button to ‬make ‬an either Audio ‬or Video call.‭ ‬When you click audio call,‭ ‬there will be an announcement to enable microphone ‬for Audio call,‭ ‬and ‬also ‬camera on your computer for Video call.

Enable Mic and Camera

Your browser will also tell you to enable your microphone:

Enabling microphone

Then your friend ‬will receive an Audio or Video call in his computer.

Private Call

When your call is unanswered, your friend can also call back and the notification of unanswered call be also be displayed on screen.

Private Call notification

That is how easy it is to make a private call to your friend.