The way to schedule a chat

In a way, we’re all busy with our daily lives. Not everyone can stay in a chat 24/7. Many customers are asking us how to schedule a chat.
We try to summarize the options you have using the RumbleTalk chat platform.

Take the chat offline

When you’re not around, you can take your chat offline. No one can enter the chat room. The chat will show a message that it’s currently offline.


  • To take your chat offline, go to your admin panel.
  • Choose Chat Operations.
  • Click Chat status.
  • It will then verify if you want to take the chat offline. Choose Yes, take the chat offline.
schedule a chat

Schedule a chat

Now that you know how to take your chat offline, this means that you can add a special message with a date, e.g., schedule a chat.

Did you see that you can add an offline message in the Chat operations option? What does this mean?

It means that you can leave a message for users who visited your chat room while it’s offline. In that way, they will know when the chat will be online again.

You can schedule a chat by doing this. Add a message that the chat room will be open for all on your chosen time. You can do this every day or for days that you’re just too busy.

As long as your chat is offline, you can leave details on when you’ll get back.

Leave contact details

While your chat is offline, users cannot reach you. Therefore, you should leave your contact details just in case there’s an emergency.

When you chat is offline, you can show a contact form where your users can reach you.

You should also leave an email address. When the chat is offline and the lead form is displayed, this email address will receive the lead information.

Chats, meetings, and more

Scheduling is not only for chats, but you can also use it for meetings, discussions, and live events. As long as you have a specific time that you want to open your chat to chatters, scheduling a chat is possible.

Are you a RumbleTalk user and not familiar with this kind of feature? If yes, then head on over to our YouTube channel. We post different videos on products, FAQs, and features you might not know yet!

If this is your first time seeing RumbleTalk, then welcome! Create your own chat at and play with the different products and features that our platform has to offer!

Online tutoring just got easier with your online chat tool

When you think of tutoring, do you only think of the traditional way? Why not think out of the box and think of an unconventional way? One that’s innovative and accessible to anyone. With an online chat tool, you can do online tutoring!

Online tutoring is just the same as real-world tutoring. You teach your student, but this is done with an online chat tool. When online tutoring comes to mind, you think of technical stuff that you might not get. This goes the same with your students. You might think of corrupted files, not submitting on time because of a slow connection, and more.

However, with technological advancements, this will not be a problem. In a lot of cases, online tutoring provides more learning. An online tutor can be closer than that of a public or private school tutor. In addition, it’s more affordable and convenient. What do you need to ask for more?

Real communication through an online chat tool

online tutoring

In a public or private school, there is a class of 15 to 20 students. It can be even more than that. There is a saying that online learning is not up to par with local schools. Why? It’s because there’s no real connection. They say that teachers in local schools give the students a sense of real connection. It’s also the best way to create an interpersonal relationship.

However, if you look closely, that’s not the reality. Because of the size of the class, not all students can connect with the teacher. Only a few select students do. That’s even rare. Because of the lesson only going for a certain period of time, students rush to their next class and there’s no room for a bond between teacher and student. This leads to the student not really enjoying the class and not really learning.

With online tutoring, you’re face to face with your student. You can chat a bit before and after lessons. You create a real connection. In your first meeting, you can talk about what the student enjoys in a class. You can then incorporate that to your syllabus. It’s a give-and-take process. You give what the student what he/she enjoys, and then he/she learns and takes part in the lessons actively. These one-on-one lessons encourage you to develop a teacher-student bond, one that goes through the test of time.

Groundbreaking technology

Some notions made online tutoring a negative choice. It’s been seen in a bad light for years. Because of underdeveloped technology, with slow connections, poor quality of images and audio, online tutoring was never the first choice. Now, all of that will change. 4G and 5G connections have saved online tutoring and you can now use an online chat tool with texts, uploading files, and video chat. More features are also present in the chat tool.

RumbleTalk is an online chat service that lets you have an online chat tool for all-in-one learning. Expert’s chat is a service that lets a professional offer his/her services on an online platform. With texts, audio call, and video call, we offer online tutors to connect with students and the ability to chat and even share documents with each other. Let’s see what are the different features of this online chat tool.

1. Upload any image, document, and more

Tutors and students alike can upload files so they can proceed with the lesson. This can be used for homework, quizzes, and even daily lessons. What’s more, is your student can upload images to share his/her progress in the lesson.

online class

2. Record audio and video

You can use recordings for language lessons. This is also a useful tool for take-home assignments on the weekend. You can leave a recording if you’re not around and the student can proceed on the lesson. In turn, your student can record a video talking about what the lesson is all about. As previously said, it’s all about to give and take.

online learning chat

3. Real-time communication with texts, video calls, and audio calls

Being an online chat tool, we have the basic features you need for online tutoring. The following options are available for your use.

  • Chat – You and your student can talk via texts or messages. You can discuss things before starting the actual lesson with a video call. This is also a great feature for keeping up with the daily activities of your students. You can ask how their day has been and small talk. This is the start of interpersonal communication.
online tutoring

  • Voice call – This is an audio call. You can use this if any of the party does not have a camera, at least you can still talk through audio calls. A lot of online tutoring classes do this, especially language ones. Some students can also request a voice only class as they might be taking these tutoring lessons on a public place. They may feel shy or it may not be allowed depending on the venue.
online tutoring

  • Video call – With video calls, you can have a face-to-face conversation. This is just like lessons in a real-world setting. This is the most effective of all the features. You can see each other and have interactive communication. You can also see what your student is doing in real time. In turn, your student will easily understand your lessons and listen attentively.
online tutoring

Online tutoring with an online chat

Through an online chat tool like this, you’ll never go wrong with online tutoring. All you need to set-up is an internet connection and register on our website. That’s it! If you want to know more about expert’s chat, you can check out our other blogs: Expert’s Chat Introduction, Expert’s Chat for Online Therapy, and Adding Subscription on your Chat. You can check out our blog for more of that!

Online tutoring will now be easy with our online chat tool. If you have any questions, you can chat us up on our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter). If you’re already registered to our service, you can contact us via “Support” on your admin panel. We will get back to you ASAP.

Yesterday Is History… Chat History and Logs

How much of a chat is archived can vary greatly from one chat to the next. While customer service chats will often keep the entire conversation on file—and sometimes even offer to send a copy of the chat history to an email address—this is not always the case.

Many online chats, for example on fan sites, do not keep logs at all. Instead, they are set up to automatically delete messages. This usually happens either after a certain amount of time has elapsed, or a certain amount of messages have been posted. Depending on the setup of the chat, the conditions vary greatly.

For example:

  • Anonymous chats that keep nothing but a few messages
  • Chats that save on a day-by-day basis.
  • Chats that allow you to save the transcript and go over it when you are offline.

The thing they all have in common, however, is that it’s rarely up to the user to decide. They may get a choice on whether or not to have a transcript or a few similar options, but full customization is another story altogether.

Chat History Customizations and More

RumbleTalk offers the full suite. Whether you want to keep every message sent or even per session for limited periods of time, anything is possible.

RumbleTalk chat supports exporting the chat history at any given point. This could be after each session, in the middle of one, or even days later. It is also possible to keep no chat history at all. If you choose this option, all messages will disappear when the chat is closed and are not saved at all. Similarly, if you want to keep a limited history, go right ahead.

chat history export transcript

It is also possible to use one chat room for multiple conversations. You can manually clear the cache (clear archive) of it to make it “as good as new” each time. And you can seamlessly combine this with keeping backups and saving the previous conversations whenever you want. Sometimes it can be more convenient to have several rooms to be able to have more conversations at once, but even then the history settings are individual.

While it is possible to administer several chats in the background, they can absolutely have different settings, depending entirely on your needs. Something like a client chat can have complete records kept, while an internal team chat may not need nearly as much in the way of permanent history.

When you want to export your backups and save files is also up to you. How long they are available depends on the type of keeping history choosing, but the files are downloadable anywhere and anytime.

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