New Feature: Mobile WebRTC Video & Audio Calls


Here at RumbleTalk, we’re all about enabling human connections. So a couple years ago, we started using WebRTC to allow users in the chat to connect to each other with live audio and video calls.

New Technology

Since then, the technology has evolved dramatically. We are pleased to announce that we have launched our video and audio call feature with the latest RTC technology. This means clearer calls, crisper images, and better connections.

Best yet, the chat now includes video and audio calls in mobile. So even if they’re out and about, users can participate in any RumbleTalk chat room just like users on desktop, with the ability to have audio and video interactions too.

New Features

Besides audio and video on mobile, other new features have been added making the chat even more user-friendly. Most of all, audio and video calls now allow:

  • Muting the sound
  • Muting video display

It sounds simple, but it makes for an overall great chat experience, whether users are typing, audio chatting, or sharing their thoughts in video.

So now, with the latest technological advancements, you can take full advantage of group chat right on your website. For more details or to see it for yourself today, visit our live demo.