3 reasons to use chat room on your radio station website

Online Radio shows are often using chat rooms to engage their audiences websites.

We asked Radio station Owners  (online radios and traditional radios) customers what is the reason they choose to add chat to their website.

We group those into 3 main reasons.

Engaging with audience gives immediate feedback to the radio host. This help tune up the message / music to the the people.

Radio host is always in need to respond to his audience. In live shows, where questions and answers are the basic of the show, the host gets additional perceptive on the issue from his audiences and some can also talk among them self and advice each other.

Creating a community around a topic or a live show is a powerful thing. people have additional reasons to return to listen to the show.

In addition for this core 3 reasons, there are some customers that like the fact that you can design your own chat room style .