An Overview of the Evolution of Chat Rooms – Infographic

As long as man has existed, the need for communicating has existed. From the first spoken language that spurned over 7,000 languages today, to the first written language sprawled across the walls of dark, ancient caves – all the way to modern social media, mankind has come up with many creative ways to connect.

Although some people may find ancient cave paintings and hieroglyphics quite boring, or perhaps they start yawning at the thought of the first telephone or the birth of VoIP, every one of these important stepping stones led to the modern chat room and instant messaging services we use today.

It is human nature to take certain rights and privileges for granted, but just stop for a moment and think about how convenient is it that you can pick up your smartphone in the middle of the supermarket, and text your spouse to find out what they want you to pick up for dinner?

Nowadays, you can jump onto platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest and many more venues to post an image to go with your message – or simply post the image itself to do the talking for you – any time and any place.

Even the modern digital cameras of today are internet-enabled. You snap a picture and post it online in an instant – right from your camera. You have to marvel at that, for sure. On top of that, more amazing innovations continue to emerge. The Baby Boomers from the 50’s remember using the only rotary phone in the house to call friends. No wonder they are blown away by the text-ready, social media-friendly phones and tablets we now use.

Technology has made it even easier to create more ways to interact, too. You can easily create a site, blog or chat room, thanks to helpful innovations like WordPress, MySQL and PHP. Let’s take a look at the many ways we communicate in an instant today – which is far quicker than etching your message on a stone slab, we have to admit.

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