Case Study: The University of Melbourne using chat room to connect with students

Chat room widget for Melbourne university

The university of Melbourne has chosen RumbleTalk chat room platform to help them connect with students and graduates.

The chat room widget is available every day for one our. Students or graduates may login to the chatroom and ask various question like general questions, working hours questions and of-course more private questions may be asked and answered in the private chat section.

We noticed that some Universities are using the chat room in a special way. They are adding the chat room link to their signature.

So it might look like

Johnny Man
HR Executive
University of ABCD
Facebook Url
Linkedin Url
Chatroom Url

This let students getting emails from the institute, to connect directly to a chat room associated with that department and get answers right away from the staff .

Since the nature of questions to institutes are seasonal, than also answer are almost the same for majority of the questions. In that way the chat-room is always updated with relevant questions.