Round Up of Hot New RumbleTalk Chat Features

Like Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times movie, there’s never a dull moment at the RumbleTalk Labs. Our developers are always busy creating new chat features to add DIY (do it yourself) settings and make RumbleTalk group chat perform faster, our designers are constantly trying out various group chat layouts that make new chat rooms look fabulous; and the testing squads are hard at work to make sure that everything works according to plan!

In this post, we’d like to introduce you to a list of newly-released RumbleTalk features that we are especially proud of. These new additions will improve your own group chat features settings experience, and provide you with a stronger and more striking end-product.
Get ready to boost your RumbleTalk Group chat in 3,2,1…

3 New RumbleTalk Chat Features to Power Up your Group Chat

Admin Only Roles: Better Control Multimedia Privileges 

Yes, Multimedia for “admin only” feature is powerful tool. It lets you control the way your users will be able to use the advance multimedia features. Settings are easy and can be changed at any given moment. Now you can enable this options for administrators only. This options include.

Paper clip option – Upload
Allow chatters to upload files (images, photos, videos, etc.) to the chat-room

Video chat
Allow video chats between chatters

Audio chat
Allow audio chats between chatters

Group Chat feature Admin Only option

Advance Design chat features : Upload Your Own Images

A newly advanced design option that allows you to upload images for every section of the advanced design tabs. Now next to each image field like background, there is a small green plus icon that clicking on it will allow you to add images from your own pc.

New Skins: 6 new Beautiful chat skins

A newly-designed set of skins added to theme gallery is now available. You may choose between a new designed skins or create one yourself. With this skin, you can add a your own tweaks using css. Changes will appear instantly in the chat feature – preview page.

Group chat skins chat features

An Overview of the Evolution of Chat Rooms – Infographic

As long as man has existed, the need for communicating has existed. From the first spoken language that spurned over 7,000 languages today, to the first written language sprawled across the walls of dark, ancient caves – all the way to modern social media, mankind has come up with many creative ways to connect.

Although some people may find ancient cave paintings and hieroglyphics quite boring, or perhaps they start yawning at the thought of the first telephone or the birth of VoIP, every one of these important stepping stones led to the modern chat room and instant messaging services we use today.

It is human nature to take certain rights and privileges for granted, but just stop for a moment and think about how convenient is it that you can pick up your smartphone in the middle of the supermarket, and text your spouse to find out what they want you to pick up for dinner?

Nowadays, you can jump onto platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest and many more venues to post an image to go with your message – or simply post the image itself to do the talking for you – any time and any place.

Even the modern digital cameras of today are internet-enabled. You snap a picture and post it online in an instant – right from your camera. You have to marvel at that, for sure. On top of that, more amazing innovations continue to emerge. The Baby Boomers from the 50’s remember using the only rotary phone in the house to call friends. No wonder they are blown away by the text-ready, social media-friendly phones and tablets we now use.

Technology has made it even easier to create more ways to interact, too. You can easily create a site, blog or chat room, thanks to helpful innovations like WordPress, MySQL and PHP. Let’s take a look at the many ways we communicate in an instant today – which is far quicker than etching your message on a stone slab, we have to admit.

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