Html Chat Service Over a Chat Software

Nowadays, we have been so accustomed with chat software and utilizing its function to communicate with others. With so many options to fulfill our needs for online conversation, we somehow take this technology for granted. However, let us take a brake for a minute and reflect on the technology that has been our friends for more than 30 years. How it evolved across time and how we have a better option with chat service instead of software now.

The Predecessor of Chat Software

Early in the birth of communication technology that now become Internet, there is a program worthy to mention as ancestor of chat software. The program was a UNIX program called talk. Talk was a text chat program and it is outdated compared to other chat rooms today. However, Apple OSX Darwin, which based on BSD-Unix still used this talk program, also other UNIX variants like Linux and FreeBSD. As a very basic chat program, talk only allow users in UNIX and UNIX-variant system to chat with another user with one-on-one chat.

The more advanced chat program was built for educational purpose. Talkomatic, from University of Illinois computer assisted learning system in 1973, was the first program built as chat room. Although it has only limited capability to have maximum five users in chat room, this program sets a breakthrough for chat technology. It provided replica of what a chat software should have in terms of features and functions like a group chat, chatroom and message broadcast.

The Next Generation of Chat Software

Internet Relay Chat or IRC in 1988 was developed to supersede talk program in UNIX. Since its inception, IRC was developed as an application protocol in TCP/IP suite to provide a universal protocol for text communication Its role as protocol allowed programmers to write a chat client software to run on top it. Some of the well-known IRC client software were mIRC, ChatZilla and IceChat.

One of achievement with IRC protocol is its advanced capability to handle group conversations and forum as channel.  IRC had more advanced way that University of Illinois’ Talkomatic in that matter. For that reason, IRC became common method of online conversation before instant messaging chat room came.

Arrival of Instant Messaging System

Instant messaging system is another chat software arrived later with more advanced technology than IRC. ICQ was the first instant messenger available in 1996. Its approach in providing unique user ID for each user has become the model for today’s chat platform and social media application.

Following the footstep of ICQ, American Online created its own chat program and decided to by ICQ and perfecting its instant messenger with ICQ technology. From then on, numerous instant messaging chat software came from many companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Blackberry, Yahoo, eBuddy and many others. We are now able to have audio, video and multi media conversation in chat technology. However, it makes chat program become bigger, and consumes much higher resources than a simple text chat program….
Apart from that, we need a multimedia chat. How can we find a better one?

Replacing Chat Software with Chat Service

After a long of online chat program, we are now reaching the ceiling of chat software. All installed chat program has to be constantly updated whenever there is a new patch or new version. This spend a lot of time to update our chat programs.  Sometimes when we are about to have an important conversation, html chat software prompt an update message, requiring us to update the program. We need a better solution for this exhausting process of continuous updating. Isn’t it time for new technology to come forward supplanting the html chat software?

html chat software in the cloud

The time is right now for a chat service on your web or your mobile device.
Traditional chat program has its own drawback of installation on our computer. It takes up our computing resources: hard drive, memory and processor to allow it to run. A lot of processes are conducted in our computer to run chat program, which most of time stays dormant as a memory resident program. While we need to free up those resources.

mobile html chat view

Html Chat service provides the answer to those hassle and bustle.
We just need a browser and access a website providing the chat service. While all the installation, update and security issues is handled by chat service provider’s company beforehand.

With html chat service, if you have your own website you can have a chat room in your website. Just use a snippet or a piece of code given to  chat service provider in your website, and you can have your own chat room. Chat service provider give you that code once you register in their service. The code act as a client program running on your website. While chat service provider takes care of all the internal process like message synchronization, privacy, security and other.

If you do not have a website, you are still able to have a chat room. You can have it on your facebook fan page, or you can have service provider to host your chatroom. Since you have subscribes for their service, html chat service provider will be responsible for you chatroom security and privacy. That is how simple and easy chat service cater your chat needs.