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What are RumbleTalk Pages?

RumbleTalk Page is a way for you to create a special page with video and chat in a matter of minutes.

Create an account with RumbleTalk and, for every chat, there is also a special page that includes the chat and other options.

RumbleTalk Pages are also known as minisite.

On a page, you already have a premade template, but you can edit the following elements:

  1. Background image
  2. YouTube link
  3. Site description
  4. Profile picture

When you change the above elements, your page is not yet public. Publish your page and share your link with others so they can visit your minisite.


Where can you use minisites?

As a chat owner or website owner, you can use the minisite as a promotion of your brand or service. This can serve as a landing page for your users.

Another great way to use minisites is using it with YouTube Live so that RumbleTalk can act as your live streaming chat.

Check out this short video to get an idea of how it looks like.