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What data is collected and stored?

RumbleTalk is a chat service. There are different login types that are being used to enter the system. The system collects the following data (see our terms&conditions, content policy, and privacy policy in here) :

In a nutshell, see in here the info we collect and how a user can change it.

  • Users definition – We store the information admin supplies about the user in the Users section (such as username, email address, image, name, description – note, only the username is mandatory)
  • Log in times – i.e. every time the user logs into the chat we store the information.
  • Caching – Any other action the user takes might be saved temporarily or not to improve performance in different cache including the browser cache.
  • Content – Messages that the user posts into the chat, both general messages, and private message, are kept up to 6 months.

If the user has an email address set, any information we collected can be accessed by the email owner here: the user may request to delete that information at any time.

** We reserve the option to change the data collection and storage based on Rumbletalk T&C.
** For EU data regulations, see our GDPR Info.
** The option to export the chat content is open to all. Admin may disable it via the admin panel.