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Webnode – add a chat plug-in

Webnode chat installation

Embedding RumbleTalk group chat in Webnode

First, Get Your RumbleTalk JavaScript code

    1. Log in to your RumbleTalk account and click on “Embed.”virtual events
    2. Click “Get Code.”
    3. Get the “code” in the code box.

Embedding RumbleTalk in Webnode

  1. Log-in to your Webnode editor.
  2. Click on “+.”
  3. Choose “Add Content.” Then, choose “HTML.”insert chat in webnode
  4. Paste your code and save.webnode code

You now have a chat on your Webnode site!

group chat in webnode

You’re done!

If you need more information about RumbleTalk group chat features, RumbleTalk Payment option (paywall, donation or private payment request) or RumbleTalk Experts’ chat, please use our knowledge base or contact us at Rumbletalk.