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Web Service: Getting a Room’s Direct Link

This short post explains how to utilize RumbleTalk’s Web Service to get your room’s current server.

Every chat is associated with a specific server. Normally, servers are constant but in some cases, servers are being changed (attach, upgrade, beta, new features, etc.).

We use the publicly available path:

Then, append to it the ?hash= parameter with the room’s public id (AKA the chat’s hash) , e.g.,

The web service has an open CORS policy and can be accessed directly from the browser.

The response will be a JSON of the following structure:

“status”: boolean,
“address”: string

Where “status” is true if the room has an assigned server; i.e. the room exists.

Also, the address will be the assigned server’s domain; e.g., “”

Using the result, you can then display the room in, e.g., an iframe built in PHP like so:

$hash = ‘YOUR_HASH_HERE’;
$response = file_get_contents(“{$hash}“);
$response = json_decode($response, true);
<iframe src=”https://<?= $response[‘address’] ?>/<?= $hash ?>/”></iframe>