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Video and audio calls – troubleshooting

In this article, we’ll go over configurations and tests you can make to fix any issues you might be experiencing with the video and audio calls feature.

RumbleTalk is using the WebRTC Google technology to make live video and audio calls. If you have a problem with your video or audio call.
Please verify the following:

  • Security and HTTPS – to make a live video/audio call, your chat needs to be secure, meaning you should have an SSL certificate for your domain. This means that the chat needs to be placed in a website that starts with https://.  In case your website http:// you will not be able to have a live video and audio calls. 
  • Make sure you test with WebRT-supported browser and OS.

If you have a problem that the video chat is not working or you are not able to have a live video call, please do the following.

  1. In order to check if the issue is related to the website (sometimes there are errors in the website that blocks the video call) or the browser. Please open your chat in a direct link (Fullscreen) not on your website (direct link like the one in here), so it will use the RumbleTalk secure connection, which will allow you to make a live call.
  2. Open the two chat windows on two different devices (PCs, laptops, mobile devices, tablets) to make sure the chat is not sharing the video channel.
  3. Use supported WebRTC browsers. We recommend on windows and android devices the chrome browser. In iPhone, Mac, and iPad, use the Safari browser.

Remark: The WebRTC technology is relatively a new one and thus have some issues mainly on apple older versions. Note, the video feature is a beta version option.