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Users show up twice in a room

There are several login options you can use with Rumbletalk.
When you create your chat, you can choose how users and admins will login to your chat.

You can set any combination of these login options.
You can find it in the settings –> login options menu

In some cases, customer asks us why they see a user twice (duplicate user).
There are 3 options why.

First option: Guest Login

If a chat owner allows guest login, users can login with free text and as such will be able to show up twice in a room with the same name. For the system, they are two separate entities, but the login name is the same.

Second option: JS SDK authentication 

There are 2 API options to authenticate with the RumbleTalk chat platform.

This is for companies that wish to integrate the Rumbletalk chat into their system for Automatic login.

SDK – Using the JS SDK without syncing your users base – this is a quick integration option (this is what we integrated into our WordPress plugin as well)

REST API – Using REST API where you sync all event users with us – longer integration

** If you choose the first option (SDK), it means that every time someone goes to an authorized page on your website (a page where the chat is, after he supplied his credentials to your system), for us, he is a verified user (verified already by your system).

In this case, we consider allowing them to login with your supplied user name. In this case, it is possible that if a user logs in from 2 devices/browsers, he will show up twice. Note, in real life, normally, a user during an event/chat uses one device to talk.

** If you choose the second option, the REST API sync to our user base, a user can only show up once no matter what device he chooses.

Third option: Moving between rooms

When a customer has more than one room and when the user is moving between rooms + his 3rd party cookie is disabled, you will see that sometimes the user will show up twice once he moved back and forth.