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REST API, Login SDK, or a Plugin?

When you need to understand what is the difference between the options.

RumbleTalk is a chat platform. You can use our API to create rooms, change settings or allow users to login automatically.

So let’s make an order in the terms:
RumbleTalk REST API – allows you to create rooms, admins, change settings, and more. This is used by developers to create functions or automation on their platforms.

RumbleTalk Login SDK – integration the SDK in your web page will allow your users to automatically log in to the chat without going through the login process. We simply authorized your users to enter the chat.

RumbleTalk Plugin – A RumbleTalk plugin combines these two. We did the heavy lifting for you, so you can add a plugin to your WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, then it is all pre-integrated. You now can create rooms, and allow your users base to login into the chat automatically.