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Is there a limit on how long I can record audio and video messages?

In the chat room, users can send audio and video messages by recording themselves.


When recording audio and video messages, users can record 30-second messages.

How do you use this feature?

In the chat room, you will see the text box. In the right-most corner, there’s a paperclip button.

When you click this button, these options will show up: Add file, Take photo, Record audio, and Record video.

record audio

Choose one of the two last options if you want to record an audio or video message.

Where can you use this feature?

In group chat rooms, communities gather. This is a good opportunity for group leaders to send a recording regarding the community. This can range from chat rules to ongoing discussions and more.

For events, participants can record an introduction of themselves and why they’re joining the event.

In an educational setting, teachers can use this feature to send a video lecture to the class. Students can also use the same feature for turning in video presentations or audio tests.


There are unlimited scenarios where you can this feature.

Who can send audio and video messages?

Anyone logged into the chat room can send audio and video messages. From admins to guests, this feature is available for everyone to enjoy.