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I am disconnected from my chat after a while, what can I do?

In theory, the RumbleTalk chat service keeps the connection to a client open forever. However, in some cases, a user is disconnected from a chat after a while.

It could be a chat disconnecting message that requires a user to re-login or in case of auto-login settings a “This chat-room is for private users only” message.

There are some quick steps to check what the reason is.

  • Connectivity – you might have connectivity issues with a router for more than 2 minutes. Try connecting from a mobile/pc that is not connected to your router.
  • Cookie – If you do not have 3rd party cookies enabled in your browser. Try changing browser type and check it up.
  • Firewall – If your firewall is set to disconnect an open connection for more than X time, it will result with disconnection. Try to disable the firewall and check it up.
  • Mobile Browsing – sometimes, if you are opening the chat from a mobile device and you browse to another tab, the chat service will keep the connection for 2 minutes and then disconnect the session.