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I am disconnected from my chat after a while, what can I do?

In theory, the RumbleTalk chat service keeps the connection to a client open forever. However, in some cases, a user is disconnected from a chat after a while.

There are two types of chat disconnection messages.

  1. Disconnecting message that requires a user to re-login (or refresh his page to re-login). The message, in this case, is “You are now disconnected from the chat room”
  2. The second message is when your chat was set with an Auto-login option, meaning you use RumbleTalk SDK or WordPress plugin. The message, in this case, is
    “This chat room is for private users only”. in this case, you can check this article

The first disconnection message could occur for various options:

  • Admin panel changes – when a chat admin is using the admin panel to change the chat settings, in some cases a refresh command is sent to the client and may result in a disconnected message.
  • Connectivity – you might have connectivity issues with a router for more than two minutes. Try connecting from another server that is not connected to your router.
  • Incognito – In some browsers, when you are connected to the chat using an incognito mode, a refresh of the chat page might result in disconnection.
  • Cookie & Security – If you do not have 3rd party cookies and/or local storage enabled in your browser, Try changing the browser type and check it up.
  • Firewall – If your firewall is set to disconnect an open connection for more than X seconds, it will result in disconnection. Try to disable the firewall and check it up.
  • Mobile Browsing – sometimes, if you are opening the chat from a mobile device and you browse to another tab, the chat service will keep the connection for 2 minutes and then disconnect the session.
  • API calls – when an API call is being sent using the REST API, it may result in a refresh command to the chat room that might present a disconnection message.
  • Offline message – when the chat owner is changing the chat in an Offline mode, it will disconnect all users in the room and may show a custom message or it might result in a disconnection message.